NC overwhelmingly votes in support of the Marriage Amendment…

61% of North Carolinians voted in favor of the Marriage Amendment defining marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman, making it the 31st state to adopt a ban on same-sex unions.

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  • Andrew Khoo

    Praise God. One good thing about living in a Muslim country is that such abominations will never be considered.

    • Laura Lowder

       But you’re still in danger, in a Muslim country, because the abominations are still committed, and too often forcibly.

  • L.

    Too bad. Good thing I have no plans to ever move there.

    • Cssmith42911

      Where do you live??

      • L.

        Tokyo. But was happiest in San Francisco.

  • Mary

    Another victory for God!

  • Gina101

    Whenever this issue has been voted on, even in progressive Oregon and California, the people voted with nature.  It was a very green vote! :D
    Only pandering and activist anarchist legislators and judges have forced their opinion against the natural, fecund, and normative law that has always been recognized since time immemorial.  There has always been marriage between mixed races and among more than one person such as polygamy but never between the same sex. 

  • doughboy

    huzzah!  congrats north carolinians – so proud to see common sense can still rule. 

  • Modern Comments

    The logical person would conclude, now, after 31 states have voted for traditional marriage, that this isn’t an issue being voted on solely by little blue-haired old ladies and “Bible thumpers.”  To win this consistently, by such a wide margin, means that a wide demographic encompassing diverse socioeconomic, political, gender, age, and racial groups must be voting FOR marriage.

    Besides, I’m having a hard time figuring out why I should even consider a movement that responds to the North Carolina vote by calling people they don’t know/haven’t met “scumbags” and “bigots” and other pejoratives.  Real persuasive argument, that.

    • Akosmowski

       I concur with your recognition that the “marriage equality” side does not have persuasive counterpoints.  Calling those who oppose them bigots just shows that they themselves have some stereotypes and bigotries they too need to overcome.

      • Cssmith42911

        You two are Amazing!