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… As a parent I am always tremendously grateful for teaching resources. Today I am offering a giveaway for a copy of The Bible Tells Me So – A Year of Catechizing Directly from Scripture, authored by Christian LeBlanc. While this is geared to homeschooling families and middle-school catechists it can still be used by any parent of a middle school aged child to help with their faith formation. As parents it’s our duty to make sure our kids are receiving solid catechesis. I know firsthand even an education in expensive parochial schools is no guarantee. The only sure way to know what’s going into your children’s head is to put it there yourself.

30 Lessons. 2 Testaments. 1 Mass.

If you are a middle-school catechist or homeschooler looking for tried-and-tested ways to use the Bible to teach the Catholic faith to a roomful of tired kids, this is the book for you.

The Bible Tells Me So recounts one year of Bible-based Catholic teaching for 6th-graders, featuring both Bible-sourced Catechesis, and the give-and-take between teacher and students. It’s intended to provide a firm Scriptural foundation for today’s Catholic children, and give them an invaluable familiarity with the Bible and their faith at the same time.

The Bible Tells Me So is divided into three Units: 1 and 2 treat the Bible chronologically from Genesis to Revelations, emphasizing the Catholic understanding of Scripture. These classes are taught directly from the Bible. Unit 3 then examines the Mass in lessons which draw from the knowledge gained in the preceding units, using the Bible and a Missalette.

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  • Cordelia

    The book IS super, isn’t it? I’ve been reading it aloud to my older children (ages 7-12), and they all love it. (In fact, the 3- and 5-year-old enjoy it, too, even though it’s way over their heads.) Of all the catechetical books we’ve tried, this is the all-round favourite so far – and they’re a picky lot…by nature and nurture. I haven’t seen any other book for children come close to packing this much vitally important information into such organized, fascinating, and natural-sounding lessons. During the reading, I use different voices for the instructor and the interjections of the students, so it comes across rather like a play read aloud, and I do my Canadian best with the implied Southern drawl…it’s a hoot.

    We recommend it very highly!

    • Katrina Fernandez

      I bet Christian would love to see this review