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Readings, about Palm Sunday, and Pope Francis on Palm Sunday.

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  • echarles1

    Palm Sunday is the most awkward mass. I don’t like ‘acting out’ the crowd parts, like shouting “Crucify him!” This year I was happily surprised the priest chose not to process around the church before entering. That coupled with the less hammy “Let him be crucified” of the current missal made for a better mass. Having laypeople act out stuff in the mass comes from the same horror as having high school kids act out lessons in history class for the “kinesthetic learners.” It’s just dumb.

    • Katrina Fernandez

      I am SOOOO glad I am not the only that thinks this

  • margaret1910

    Hmmm, I always feel awkward with the people’s parts, too. However, this Palm Sunday, it was brought home to me. I was in Kansas City..where three people were shot and killed outside the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom. Shot for being Jews, which they were not..a 14 yr old boy and his grandfather (Methodists) and a lady leaving Village Shalom (retirement community) after visiting her mom (Catholic).

    My daughter is a convert to Judaism. She went with me to Palm Sunday Mass, because she is a kind and decent person. We, naturally, turned our phones to silent for Mass, then went to a family get-together, shopping and finally to her home. When she checked her phone, she had many messages asking if she was ok, where was she, please let us know if you are ok. We checked the TV and internet and were shocked by the events..we did not know who the victims were at this point, but we knew what the motivation was.

    On Monday evening, we went to a Passover Seder at a wonderful Jewish home. The hosts invited her family (Catholic) as well as her long before this happened. It was incredible, and the victims were remembered, even though we all knew by then, they weren’t Jews. Passover is about slavery, sorrow, joy, freedom and faith. I will never see Palm Sunday, Passover, the Last Supper or Good Friday quite the same way again.