Happy Mother’s Day, Emily Letts…

… That’s it. Just Happy’s Mother’s Day.

I know many people have lots of things to say about that video you made, the one where you filmed your abortion, but I’m not sure any of them thought to wish you a good Mother’s Day. Maybe they don’t think you deserve it or that you aren’t a mother, but technically speaking you are.

“Mother” as a verb means to nurture, care for and protect. “Mother” as a noun means a female person who is pregnant with or gives birth to a child; or a female person whose egg unites with sperm, resulting in the conception of a child.

By this definition if you’ve ever been pregnant you are a Mother. Even if you’ve had an abortion you are still a Mother.

So Happy Mother’s Day, Emily.

That’s it. Nothing else. You’re gonna have a hard enough time with this day as it is.

Maybe not today or tomorrow but eventually it will catch up with you. It always does. Like when you decide to have more children later on and you look at them and realize what unique, one of a kind little creatures they are and that the one you aborted was just as equally unique and there will never be another one like him/her ever again. No, that child is gone forever and from here on out your Mother’s Days will be bitter sweet.

So Happy Mother’s Day, Emily.

And happy Mother’s Day to your aborted child’s grandmothers — your mother and the mother of your child’s father.

All of you are in for a very long, emotionally arduous road. You have my prayers, my sympathies, and my wishes that Mother’s Day won’t be too devastatingly hard on you. I speak from experience when I earnestly say that I would not wish the pain of Mother’s Day after abortion on anyone.

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