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Marcus Goodyear is Editor of The High Calling and Director of Digital Media for the H. E. Butt Foundation.

Vocational Courage and Renewal: An Interview with Parker Palmer

Ten years after its first release, Parker Palmer is republishing his book of encouragement for teachers called The Courage to Teach. The book helped countless teachers and other professionals to recover meaning in their work lives, in the midst of troubled, sometimes toxic systems. Recently, The High Calling spoke to Mr. Palmer about helping teachers [Read More…]

Advent: Waiting for a Prophet in a Pear Tree

Every year I cringe a bit when we dig out the decorations for the holidays. “The season of clutter,” I sometimes grumble. In the end, though, I love it when the tree is lit and the piano is covered with twenty photos of my kids posing with Santa over the years (no kidding, I just [Read More…]

Mockingjay Promo Satirizes Faith and Work Movement

“A new sense of purpose, pride, and unity… the harvest that sustains, and the loyal citizens who serve… Love your labor. Take pride in your tasks.” The new promotional video for Mockingjay streams like an inspiring short film from The High Calling. It celebrates the work of a variety of industries—technology, fashion design, textiles, farming, [Read More…]

Share Your Faith at Work Without Being a Jerk

Bill Peel moved us from the ethics of evangelism through practical relationship tips for being honest with others about our Christian world view. Just as David Gill is an expert in ethics, Peel is a career expert on workplace evangelism, leading him to his current role as Director of the Center for Faith at Work [Read More…]

What Technology Would You Take with You to Heaven?

That’s the question asked earlier today by John Dyer, the director of web development for Dallas Theological Society. He began the summit’s application discussion by inviting us to think about technology. (If you’ve not yet read John’s book From the Garden to the City, I highly recommend it.) In that book, Dyer explains the double-edged sword [Read More…]

You Can Create Things to Restore Your Community

David Gill moved the conversation from devices to decisions, inviting Christians to be proactive in their approach to ethics. Gill has made a career studying ethics, consulting with numerous businesses in addition to his academic work at starting at Berkeley to his recent work at the Mockler Center. Practicing ethical principles requires discipline, as he [Read More…]