So, when I hear certain words, certain phrases, a switch clicks on in my brain, and I hear the words of an abuser. Read more

Let our voices be voices that challenge the status quo; let our voices be voices that challenge those who abuse; let our voices challenge those seeking to harm others… Read more

There is nothing deeper in scripture then love; with the exception of learning to live in love, and building honest relationships. The law’s not going deeper, it’s getting off track. Read more

The point I desire to make here is that on htraE they live by a code, called the Bizarro Code… Read more

Speaking out against injustice, and discrimination, isn’t a guarantee that your voice will change anything. But not speaking out against injustice, and discrimination, is a guarantee that your silence will change nothing. Read more

Why? Because I don’t think it means what they think it means. Read more

Over my time in Ordained Ministry I’ve had some amazing highs, and some dramatic lows. I’ve seen churches I serve grow in numbers, and service to the community; I’ve seen churches I served fall in numbers, focusing inward, ignoring the community at large. When churches declined in membership, and become inward focused, I’ve always taken those failures personally. Taking them personally isn’t because I failed, but because, more often than not, others told me I failed, and placed the blame… Read more

Because, and this is just my point of view, neither Trump, or the Republicans, have anything to offer except division, and submission of the people. Read more

One day, while speaking to a gathering of people, The Naked Jesus was confronted by a church member who asked, “What if… Read more

We All Know A Richard: This story is not what you think – read it, if you like a twist. Read more

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