Because, and this is just my point of view, neither Trump, or the Republicans, have anything to offer except division, and submission of the people. Read more

One day, while speaking to a gathering of people, The Naked Jesus was confronted by a church member who asked, “What if… Read more

We All Know A Richard: This story is not what you think – read it, if you like a twist. Read more

Doctrine can never be expressed in terms of love, grace, acceptance, forgiveness, or care – doctrine is not something that drives the heart with passion, Doctrine will never be an attractor to the Divine. Doctrine, in fact, can be a detractor from living the teachings of Jesus. Read more

It’s when we learn that forgiveness starts with us we find the point of our blessing of forgiveness, and the words Jesus speaks become our guiding light… Read more

People were drawn to Jesus because he loved them; they were drawn to the early church because his first followers loved each other. When we center on love, people are drawn to us. Read more

When faith is institutionalized, it is easy to cut out the things that run counter to the benefit of the institution; loving others can be messy, and the Institutional Church doesn’t like messy. They ignore the radical teachings of love, because they believe it will take away funding from maintaining the Institution Read more

So, you want to keep Christ in Christmas? Well, here’s what you do – feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, cloth the naked, house the homeless; take care of the widows, the orphans, the poor, the sick, the imprisoned. If you are unwilling to do any of those, you have no desire to keep Christ in Christmas. All you are doing is flapping your lips and making noise. All you are doing is making noise, and proclaiming some… Read more

For Jesus, to be a follower, means you change – you grow – you give – you care – you forgive – you share – you LOVE. It’s not what you can do to help an institution, but what you can do to help those who are hurting, the marginalize, the disconnected Read more

When we reach out beyond our limited understanding of the world around us, we’re able to see people for who they are, and not what others tell us they must be. We should not reach out to change them, or tell them they’re wrong; but in reaching out, we may change, or come to the understanding that our limited point of view was wrong. Read more

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