Keeping Christ in Christianity

So, you want to keep Christ in Christmas? Well, here’s what you do – feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, cloth the naked, house the homeless; take care of the widows, the orphans, the poor, the sick, the imprisoned. If you are unwilling to do any of those, you have no desire to keep Christ in Christmas. All you are doing is flapping your lips and making noise. All you are doing is making noise, and proclaiming some… Read more

It’s Not To Be A Better Christian, It’s To Be A Better Human

For Jesus, to be a follower, means you change – you grow – you give – you care – you forgive – you share – you LOVE. It’s not what you can do to help an institution, but what you can do to help those who are hurting, the marginalize, the disconnected Read more

So, You Want To See Change?

When we reach out beyond our limited understanding of the world around us, we’re able to see people for who they are, and not what others tell us they must be. We should not reach out to change them, or tell them they’re wrong; but in reaching out, we may change, or come to the understanding that our limited point of view was wrong. Read more

Be The Goodness

  As I look around my world, I see the evil that surrounds us. I see the anger so many people hold towards those they disagree with; I see the hurt they feel from others; I see the life pains which cause them to close off to the world around them; I see the insults that crush the spirits of many; I see the marginalization that push people to the sidelines of life. In my heart, I feel the pain,… Read more

I Would Rather Love Too Much

To be honest with you, when my time comes I would rather hear the Divine tell me, ‘You loved too much’ instead of ‘you didn’t love enough. Read more

Institutional Racism is a Reality

To claim otherwise would indicate we’re either blind, ignorant, or just happy we’re not the ones being discriminated against. Read more

Show Me Your Story

You see, I don’t see tattoos as just meaningless marks, I see each tattoo as a chapter in your life – as an expression of who you are. For those of us who are willing to show our story – we get that, we understand the nature of our visual story Read more

Are You Willing to Vote “None of the Above?”

You see, if you’re asking “How Would Jesus Vote?” you need to push aside your views of what it means to be an American Christian, and start viewing the world as one who walks in the teachings of Christ. Read more

Happy Birthday

I pray for the time in our world, our cultures, our religions, were assumptions are not made about individuals and where coming out days, is simply seen as being born. Read more

A Very Poor Light To Walk By

Fear paralyzes, fear negates love, forgiveness, and acceptance; fear stops us dead in our tracks from looking for the good in others, and move us to withdraw from socialization. Fear destroys. Read more

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