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Jesus vs Jehovah – The Problem of Violence in the OT in Light of a Nonviolent Jesus (Greg Boyd)

Here is a great introduction on how to approach the Old Testament passages on violence in light of the nonviolent peace teachings of the New Testament. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Introducing Christian Nonviolence – Two Resources for the Interested and Skeptical

In North America, the idea of Christian nonviolence or Pacifism (meaning to “pacify” not inactive passivism) is largely unaccepted by evangelical Christianity. This is odd considering that the peace teachings of Jesus and the early church are basic to New Testament teaching and theology. I want to offer two resources to give a basic introduction [Read More…]

Best New “Worship” Band of 2011: The City Harmonic

I’ve been really impressed with The City Harmonic (Facebook) on multiple levels.  First, the musical quality is off the charts.  They bring a great brit-rock sound that is welcomed.  Second, they are a band that has a view of the gospel that is bigger than the hyper individualized Jesus of contemporary evangelicalism… incorporating thoughts from [Read More…]

The Reboot. Deleting Your Facebook Profile Each Year as a Spiritual Discipline

–The following is a guest post– Last year, I began a personal discipline/tradition based on the growing influence of social media on our daily lives. Once a year, I Reboot. Specifically, I enact the full deletion of my Facebook profile. Poof. Gone. And while for some that may seem insignificant, for me, a bonafide 21st [Read More…]