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Four More Years…Please?

I want Barack Obama to continue as our president for the next four years.  "Oh, my goodness, I am SO SHOCKED to hear this!" said no one who has met me ever.Reasons range from shallow to profound, and from micro-specific to enormously broad.  Let's start with the obvious.1.  Obama is a friend of groups who have historically been ignored, dismissed, abused and refused basic rights of equality.He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law.  This broadened the ability of those (mo … [Read more...]

Hey, Ann Coulter –

Dear Ann Coulter,I will keep this short, and use small words so that you have a chance of understanding getting what I'm saying.As the author of the following tweet from last night's debates, you should be ashamed.For your edification improvement er, info, the word "retard" is defined by Merriam-Webster here.  It has many legitimate acceptable um, okay uses - all having to do with the slowing of growth or slowing down (as in the musical term, "ritard", which means to play more slo … [Read more...]

Fun With Words Friday!

My friend, Estelle, of Musings on Motherhood and Midlife, is starting a weekly feature on her blog called "Fun With Words Friday."  She gives us a topic (this week, it's women and politics, in honor of the debates) and challenges us to write a short poem or limerick on that topic.  You know me.  I can't say no to a challenge!  So, here are my entries - enjoy!A Limerick:There once was a rich man from BainWho felt he had no need to ‘splainWhy his payroll wasn’t swimmin’With binders of … [Read more...]

It Goes to 11.

A few days ago, I was tagged in a blogging chain interview by a great friend who doesn't realize how this would hang over my head if I didn't do it immediately, so I'm doing it, already!!!!  She asks 11 questions, I answer.  Then, I have to come up 11 of my own - questions AND blogging friends - and tag said possibly-soon-to-be-former-friends to answer the questions.  If they don't, (to quote "The Oatmeal") Jesus sets fire to a school bus full of children.  Or something.  I don't want that shit o … [Read more...]

Is That a Birdseed Milkshake?

I don't know if you've heard, but there's a presidential election coming up soon.  In this country.  America.  Last Wednesday evening, the two presidential candidates (one of whom is already President) squared off to talk about domestic policy.  I was prepared for a good show,  but it was boooooooooooring.  I mean, generally, no one can know whose proclamations and views are accurate until they read Politifact the next day, anyhow.    Usually, though, there's at least something I can follow, or a … [Read more...]