Yes, indeed, we have met the enemy, and the enemy is us. If only he had been a Muslim, then we would have known who to hate. If only ISIS had been behind this, then we could see how many other people we could kill in retaliation. If only he had a skin color that was anything but white, then we could plan on 200-foot high border walls. If only he had been a she, then we could have blamed… Read more

I’m afraid of being found permanently unfit and so non-productive as to have no value. I fight to return to my normal tasks, my usual level of output. My new morning routine: I wake slowly, reluctantly. Eventually, I send my hand to find my cane, sit up and carefully put my foreign-feeling foot in its strange boot on the floor. I search with my still functioning foot for the one shoe that makes me relatively level when standing. Balancing carefully,… Read more

Never forget, parents and caregivers set the model for how people will perceive God later in life. Abused children face big obstacles to gain an understanding of the goodness of God. Read more

I finally figured it out: Nashville Statement signers do not follow Jesus. They follow Paul, a troubled man who ran the message of grace through his own Pharisaic, black and white, male-centric, mean, clean grid trying to make sense of it all. Paul makes sense to them; Jesus does not.  Well, in the midst of giant national tragedy on the Gulf Coast, the theologians who are sure they know everything about God and sexuality have issued their statement pronouncing that anyone… Read more

With the horrific damage just starting to unfold from Hurricane Harvey, many people will set up donation centers for clothes, shoes, toiletries. Not a good idea. The number one thing is, “Don’t send your used shoes.” Compassionate people plus tough and tragic situations equal a desire to do something, anything, to relieve suffering. So we ask, “How can I help?” There’s plenty of suffering to go around. From people who have lost family, homes and possessions from the recent hurricane and flooding… Read more

Do not buy into the lie that the Confederacy was about State’s Rights. Not true. It was all about keeping the institution of black slavery in perpetuity. And, as are most unjust causes, the Civil War was ultimately all about money. Thanks to a correspondent who knew how to access the relevant historical archives for the State of Texas, I have now read the 1861 document called “A declaration of the causes which impel the State of Texas to secede… Read more

Correction: I included James McDonald as a member of this Advisory Council. I was wrong: he resigned in 2016. I apologize to him for including him in this list. Business leaders know that Trump’s support for neo-nazis and white supremacists has no moral foundation. They’ve jumped ship. Unfortunately, the members of his religious advisory council apparently have no problems with outright racism. Here’s the list of those appointed to the Religious Advisory Council. These are the religious leaders who supported Trump’s election… Read more

I am a recipient of white privilege. I know it. Frankly, I’m more than a recipient of white privilege. In truth, I bathe in its waters. I breathe its familiar odors. It is so normal that unless I am careful, I can remain utterly unaware of how easy my white skin makes my life. I choose to hold every door I possibly can for someone else, especially if that someone else is a black man. It’s the right thing for… Read more

Let us speak the truth: our POTUS supports the alt-right and the most racist elements of US society. The article below summarizes my thoughts on the situation more than adequately.Donald Trump ran on a racist platform and dare not lose this part of his base electorate. Our national tragedy with him as the president continues to unfold. Trump’s Big Charlottesville Violence Statement Fail It has almost become a cliche now and punchline on Twitter: every time President Donald Trump gives… Read more

But no matter what we do to slow the process–and we need to do all possible–we may have to assume the earth is undergoing a move toward warmer temperatures. It was a religious revival, with Al Gore taking the role the prophet/high priest. Gore’s sincere passion for moving to renewable energy sources for the sake of the planet informs every moment of the documentary, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power. Gore’s deep disdain for President Trump, along with his deep admiration… Read more

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