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Coming to you from the Nation’s Capitol, the RedState Movie Mafia is a trio of critics who approach popular culture from the right side of the aisle. Critics are usually BlueState, amiright?  Big Hollywood’s John Hanlon, Lauren Veneziani and myself wanted to put together something for the rest of the country, you know…the guys and gals who drive pickups and know their way around a Glock.

This week, we cover the Oscars, the year so far, and a little Navy SEAL movie opening this week called Act of Valor.

You can tune in here.

(Click the link and wait for your player to start.)

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  • Zemrag

    Really liked the intro music…seriously. I thought the show was great..I have some different opinions about the movies the three of you reviewed. In particular The Artist, though I agree to pull off a silent movie in today’s plane is a great accomplishment. I thought the story was too simplistic and shallow to warrant a best picture nomination, let alone win. The acting and direction were great, I just thought the screenplay story part, just fell didnt hold up.

    I would TOTALLY go with Midnight in Paris, for best pic, of the choices we have for the Oscars. Though I think Pariah was best I saw this year, with Win/Win (thank you for the referral Ms. Cusey) as well as Rise of the Planet of the Apes.and Attack the Block.

    Great show..I will be listening….agreeing and disagreeing, along the way…. LOL….