Kirk Cameron Talks Abortion, Gay Marriage, Gets Heat

Actor and activist Kirk Cameron has never hidden his political or religious views, but has recently been in the press for a high-profile interview he gave to CNN’s Piers Morgan in advance of the release of his documentary “Monumental.” He said he opposes abortion “under any circumstances” and that homosexuality was “unnatural.”

On Abortion:

On Gay Marriage:

Hollywood has reacted in anger. GLADD condemned Cameron. His former TV family members Alan Thicke and Tracy Gold tweeted their disagreement. “I am a strong supporter of the #LGBTCommunity, and I believe in equal rights for all.#NOH8 #LOVE” said Gold. Many other Hollywood figures also took to Twitter to vent their disapproval.

The former “Growing Pains” star has always been outspoken about his conservative Christianity. In recent years, he has starred in the “Left Behind” series and “Fireproof,” both movies made for the conservative Christian market. He also has advocated for Intelligent Design and acted as an Evangelist. “Monumental” will release March 27.

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  • Trista

    Kudos to Cameron for sharing his beliefs with love and grace. I thought he was very well spoken.

  • Tami

    It’s too bad that one side wants their views to be widely accepted (LBGT) and yet cannot accept the views of others. So many have condemned Kirk for being a “hater” when he said nothing hateful (in tone or words). Not to mention, this was a total set-up…they knew his answers even before they asked the questions. I am personally very proud of Kirk for not backing down!

  • Colleen

    I agree with you Tami that Kirk was very respectful and has strong opinions. I don’t share those opinions at all. But I can respect someone voicing there opinion who isn’t attacking anyone just stating their opinion.
    Hopefully he would respect someone else’s lifestyle too. Let’s hope none of his kids are gay.