Final ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer

“There’s a storm coming,” warns catwoman (that’s Anne Hataway under the suit).

And Bane says (we can understand him this time, for a change) that he’s “Gotham’s reckoning.”

Then we have some key images, heavy with symbolism and meaning (we think):

A football field imploding.

Somebody shooting up Wall Street.

The bridges into and out of Manhattan exploding.

Prisoners rioting in the streets.

Sounds like a bad day.

Hope is lost. Faith is broken.

You’ve given these people everything, says Catwoman.

Not yet, says Batman.


It looks dark, so very dark. And timely, so very timely. Batman heads toward a heroic and epic end.

Plus, a flying batmobile!

See for yourself.

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  • The new trailer for the dark knight rises went viral all across the web.