‘Science and Faith: Friend or Foe?’ Asks Short Film Competition

photo by ePsos.de on Flickr Creative Commons

Fire up your cameras.

The Veritas Foundation has just announced a short film contest.

They’re seeking submissions for under 4-minute films that addresses the conversation about science and faith. Are they friends or foes? Or can they be something in the middle?

The details are here, but here are a few items:

It’s open to current students (over 18 and US resident).

The winning team will receive $3000 in cash, plus the film will be shown at Veritas Forums across the country next school year. There are prizes for second place, third place, top ten, and viewcount. And everyone who submits a video will be entered into a raffle to win an iPad2.

Submissions are already open and the deadline is July 1. Good luck!

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