Trailer: ‘For Greater Glory’ Andy Garcia and the fight for religious liberty

This movie looks like a good one. Set in Mexico and based on real events, Andy Garcia is a general who joins a fight of resistance against the regime that has outlawed freedom to worship as you choose.

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  • Timothy Dalrymple

    I think the kid who had the starring role — as Jose, the kid whose story ties a lot of other narratives together — is destined for big things. He was an absolutely amazing kid, and I really enjoyed meeting him at the junket.

  • David Naas

    I never heard of this before, so I looked it up. These events happened! I was shocked. There is probably no coincidence when the movie, which took a lokg time to make (relative to the news cycle) is being released now. What happens when bad politics mixes with fanatacism.

  • Rebecca Cusey

    Yes. It’s based on true events.

    It reminds me a little of the setting of Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory. Has anyone read that?

    It feels quite timely to me as well, although probably only coincidentally so.

  • It was called the Cristero War. The atheistic state of the time imposed a ban on catholicism, so local catholics formed an army calle Cristeros to oppose the goverment.

  • Jolie

    This film is coming at a time when people must take to heart what is happening with our own religious liberties. Do not take our Constitution, our Bill of Rights for granted! Governments take over when the people are not paying attention….but there is a “sleeping giant” in most people who have heart and soul. The sleeping giant is slowly being awakened, do not wake up when it is too late!

  • Jolie

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation?
    This was a simple comment about religious liberties,
    do we need to be worrying about freedom of speech as well?

  • Jolie

    Alejandro, call it what it is…an “atheistic state”, it is a form of government,
    there are many things it can choose not to believe in.

  • Rebecca Cusey

    Sorry for the lag time, Jolie. I’m usually pretty quick in moderating comments, but I was in wild West Virginia rafting with my family and (happily) far, far away from any internet access.
    Happy Memorial Day. Thanks to our fallen heroes for preserving freedom of faith, freedom of speech, and our great nation (including its rivers!)