Photo: Jane Fonda as Nancy and Alan Rickman (aka Snape) as Ronald Reagan

Ok. Forget Oprah. The real news here is the picture of Fonda and Rickman as the Reagans.

The image, tweeted by Oprah for some random, unexplained reason, comes from the set of The Butler. It shows the director, Lee Daniels, with Oprah and the actors.

The movie is an adaptation of a fascinating real life story. Eugene Allen became a butler in the White House in 1952 and served through eight administrations before retiring after 32 years. An African-American, Allen had a front row seat to history, from the era of Jim Crow, through the Cold War and Civil Rights Movements. He was an honored guest at the inauguration of first African-American president Barak Obama.

It’s a fantastic story and the various presidents, such as Reagan, are not the main characters. But, as I wrote when Jane Fonda was cast, an amazing story deserves better than stunt casting by such a controversial figure as Jane Fonda.

Definitely looking forward to this movie!

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  • Louise Wilson

    Hanoi Jane as Nancy Reagan…. That is just not right. Anyone would be better than her.