Watch Heartbreaking Tiananmen Square Documentary ‘Moving the Mountain’ if You Can Find It

25 years ago, brave college students paid a terrible price for standing up for freedom in China’s Tiananmen Square.

One of the few movies I can honestly say has changed my life is this documentary, called Moving the Mountain, by Michael Apted about Tiananmen Square. Released in 1994, he interviewed surviving student leaders, who spoke of their passion for freedom, their deep grief at the crackdown, and their guilt for surviving. He interwove the film with footage from that fateful day.

This is a movie every American should watch, every person should watch. To say it’s inspiring is an understatement.

Unfortunately and almost criminally, it’s out of print in the United States and very hard to find. If you can find a copy, it is worth your time and effort.

For some reason, IMDB has 14 minutes of a poor quality copy of the film up on their site (labeled that it’s the entire film, but it’s not). Since it’s on IMDB, I’m going to assume it’s legal and embed it here.


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