Don’t Be an Asshole: Reflections on Civility

(trigger warning – this post is about not being an asshole, stop here if this language offends you) Last weekend a friend of mine asked me what I was blogging about these days. As we talked about our busy lives and the difficulty of finding time to get everything done (like blogging!), he suggested my topic for today. “You should write about people not being assholes!” I found it was hard to disagree. It’s really pretty simple advice, isn’t it?... Read more

Do We Need an 11th Commandment?

Thou shall inherit the holy earth as a faithful steward, conserving its resources and productivity from generation to generation. Thou shalt safeguard thy fields from soil erosion, thy living waters from drying up, thy forests from desolation, and protect thy hills from over-grazing by thy herds, so that thy descendants may have abundance forever. If any shall fail in this stewardship of the land thy fruitful fields shall become sterile stony ground and wasting gullies, and thy descendants shall decrease... Read more

Keeping Hope in a World Gone Mad

Yesterday my day began with taking my youngest child (entering 5th grade) to her school for a couple of hours of “Hornet Camp” to get her acquainted with her new school. After the orientation session, signing up for the PTA and buying her a new school t-shirt, I headed over to my University for my own version of orientation. For many folks across the country, the next few weeks mark the beginning of the new school year. Some of us... Read more

Just What is Xenophobia?

Yesterday, I found myself debating Brexit with a British woman over pints of beer during what was supposed to be a casual happy hour gathering. She had already declared that she had voted “leave” and her husband had voted “stay.” They were a divided household. I mostly just listened to her narration of the events in Britain over the past few weeks including her adulation of the newly elected Prime Minister, Theresa May. The woman then turned to the US... Read more

Open Letter to Obama: Please DO something!

  Dear President Obama, I live in North Carolina. My youngest daughter attends a Title I elementary school that is a magnet school for open education and the arts. As a 10-year old girl who loves her best friend she has been the target of bullying for defending the right of girls to like girls. She spent the day after HB-2 passed making rainbow signs that said “I support NO discrimination. Gay is okay!!” Later that week, she wore an... Read more

What to Do About Our Crisis of Racial Injustice?

This morning when I woke up, I was afraid to read the paper. Who else might have been killed while I was sleeping? On Tuesday, Alton B. Sterling, a black man, was shot and killed by police while being arrested in Baton Rouge, LA. On Wednesday, Philando Castile, also a black man, was shot and killed by police during a “routine” traffic stop for a busted taillight. On Thursday, five police officers, all white, were killed by a black male... Read more

Rediscovering the Joy of Worship

As a lifelong Christian and an ordained Presbyterian (PCUSA) minister, I’ve been to my fair share of worship services. Sometimes out of duty, sometimes out of desire, and sometimes out of desperation. I remember going to church the Sunday after my oldest daughter was born. She had been born on a Wednesday and we had only been home from the hospital for a couple of days. But that Sunday morning, there was nowhere else in the world that I wanted... Read more

Has North Carolina become the “Hate State”?

I am a Christian. I also live in North Carolina. A state that is increasingly hostile to LGBTQ people, immigrants, women, and let’s face it – minorities generally speaking. Last year the state legislature voted to ban local jurisdictions from becoming “sanctuary cities” which are cities that refuse to prosecute immigrants solely for their immigration status. The principle of “sanctuary” is a religious term that is used to refer to sacred spaces, its meaning has been expanded to refer to... Read more

Should Profit Be the Defining Factor of our Economy?

The state of Colorado will vote on a ballot initiative this fall that would create the first single-payer, universal health plan in the nation for an entire state. To get the ColoradoCare plan on the ballot, supporters had to gather 100,000 signatures. While not an insignificant indication of support for the measure, Coloradans face an uphill battle in their attempt to pass this historic legislation. Not surprisingly, the business community is rallying to support their colleagues in the insurance industry... Read more

How To Be an Effective White Ally

Dear Casey, I  agree that Yancy argues that denial of the racist self is one of the issue that white people face when it comes to the discussion of race. I do believe that white people are afraid to be called racist and do not want to leave their bubble to have these hard conversations. But I also think it is because they do not want to leave their place of privilege.  Another quote by James Cone from Black Theology... Read more
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