To destroy racism we have to destroy the system that was built upon Black people’s backs and to destroy that system is to destroy everything that white people hold near and dear to their heart. Read more

White people want to believe that we are autonomous—that we are only being racist if we are making a conscious decision to be racist and that those decisions are the only things we’re responsible for. Read more

Of the white people I know who actively think and care about racism . . . all of them had some personal connection to a POC (or more than one) who helped them understand. Read more

It felt vaguely colonialist for me to be coming to their space for just a handful of weeks, taking their expertise, using their space, playing with their children, and leaving. Read more

I used to be the one to always speak out and speak my mind when it came to blackness and racism but . . . I have grown weary because I live and exist in these white spaces that do not understand me. Read more

One of the most vibrant memories I have was when I was in second grade, I was playing with a white girl during recess and a teacher came and made me sit out and said, “You are not allowed to touch or play with white girls.” Read more

What happened Wednesday in North Carolina is about patriarchy and the authoritarian control of a legislature that feels the power to control social behavior slipping out of its hands. Read more

Feminist, womanist, mujerista and other critical theologies saved Christianity for me. Read more

There is a problem in white America and it will not go away until we meet it head on. Read more

Racism is a deep malignancy in the very core of our identity as Americans. A malignancy that must be acknowledged before we can cut it out. Read more

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