Turing Voting Extension

Because sample size for the Christian phase of the Turing Test has been lagging behind the numbers for the Atheist round, I’m pushing back the time polls close.  I have enough responses to run analysis, but, greedy stat geek that I am, I want more.  So the new deadline for voting is:

Noon (EST) on Wednesday July 20

And at noon oh one on Wednesday, the answer key will go up and the true authorship of all the posts will be revealed.  It’ll take me a little while to go through the Christian answers, but I’ve got the graphs and tables from the Atheism round all ready, so I’ll schedule them for a post that afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and, if you want to make the Sample Size Fairy very happy, please forward the voting link to your friends.

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  • Argh! Noooooo! I wanted to see some of the results! 🙁 I guess I just have to be patient (that is a good Christian virtue, hahaha!).

  • Eager for results here too… (And doing my small best to send readers over to take the Christian test.)Incidentally, while I understand the main idea is to see how well Christians can pose as atheists to atheists and how well atheists can pose as Christians to Christians, I must admit some curiosity as to well the out groups recognized the posers: Could Christians spot the Christians posing as atheists and could atheists spot the atheists posing as Christians. Are you going to show that as well?

  • Anonymous

    I know you advertized the atheist part of the competition on the atheist blogs, but did you give people reminders about the Christian section when the week rolled around? That might explain the difference in responses. Though I guess you were able to get enough in the end.