Vote on the ‘Christian’ Turing Test!


Voting is now closed.  Check out the answer key.

This is the ballot page for the second round of the Ideological Turing Test.  In this round, a slate of fifteen Christians and atheists answered questions about Christian life and belief.  The Christians answered sincerely and the atheists did their level best to answer as they thought a Christian would.  Now, it’s time to vote and see if the atheists know their opponents well enough to blend in with them.

Last week, we ran the experiment the other way, and the results from the Christians-trying-to-imitate-atheists round will go up once this poll closes.

To vote, you can start filling out the form below (clicking continue at the bottom and proceeding off-site) or you can go straight to the Google Form here.  The formatting below is supposed to make it easier to open the entries to refresh your memory.  In either location, the survey has two pages.

I’ll keep the polls open til Monday night at least.  In the meantime, to help up the sample size, please post this link (and the explanation of the Ideological Turing Test) to any relevant listservs you’re on, email or facebook it to any interested friends, and post it to Digg, StumbleUpon and other social networking sites.

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  • Anonymous

    Links to #3 & #4 appear to be identical

  • FYI question 4 also links to question 3

  • Thanks for the catch, now fixed.

  • This is fascinating. I just want to thank you for derailing my afternoon! 😉

  • Yeah, this was a lot of fun. I'm curious how close I got on this as I had some fairly strong Christian/Not Christian impressions and a lot in between.

  • Thanks again for doing this. I can't resist the urge to share some impressions before the actual results come out.I felt the problem would have been significantly easier had I known how many of the 15 were xians. I came up with different numbers of xians and atheists in my judging of the two sets of responses.I also got the impression that the xians did better at imitating atheists than the atheists did at imitating xians, much to my surprise. I say that only because I detected only 2 xians with high confidence from the atheist set of answers, but 5 xians from the xian set. Of course, I don't yet know how well I did at judging, so I could be wrong about that, but I'm eager to find out!

  • I admire this project and am eager to see the results.

  • Spambot3049

    Man, that was a tough test. I'm hoping we get graded on curve :PSeriously, thank you to Leah and everyone who worked hard on developing this test. And if some of the responders have their own blogs, I may end up visiting some of them.

  • Peter Sattler

    I just spent a good chunk of time doing this, and then it tells me that the form is turned off (losing my fill-in and long-form answers in the process).If the survey is over, please add an update telling us.