Debate with Justin Martyr [Index Post]

In June of 2010, I had a debate with Justin Martyr of the now defunct blog The Faith Heuristic on the topic “R: The Evidence Supports the Existence of God.”  Unfortunately Justin has taken down his blog in the interim, so his parts of the debate are lost to the winds of the internet.  I’ve collected my posts below, and I think you can still piece together most of the arguments.

  1. Rebuttal to Justin (Part 1) – Justin began the debate with Kalam’s Cosmological Argument and I reply by talking about the weirdness of first causes that precede time and the difficulty of making predictions about them
  2. Rebuttal to Justin (Part 2) – To address Justin’s fine-tuning argument, I talk about the Drake Equation and unknown unknowns.
  3. My Opening Statement – Demonstrating the likelihood of a First Cause isn’t the same thing as proving the existence of God.  You have to talk about some of this Cause’s properties
  4. My Closing Statement – Justin accuses me of a ‘naturalism of the gaps,’ and I think his soteriology is really weird.  Exeunt omnes.


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