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Thanks for all your feedback on picking questions for the Turing Test.  This year the slate of questions for Atheists and Christians will be identical.  Everyone will answer the following questions:

  1. When (if ever) have you deferred to your philosophical or theological system over your intuitions?
  2. Are there people whose opinions on morality you trust more than your own? How do you recognize them? How is trusting them different than trusting someone’s opinion on physics?
  3. Can you name any works of art (interpreted pretty broadly: books, music, plays, poetry, mathematical proofs, etc) which really capture the way you see life/fill you with a sense of awe and wonder?  You can give a short explanation or just list a few pieces.

Last year’s questions were more focused on apologetics and argument.  (“What should convince people? What would convince you? etc). This year’s prompts are about epistemology and experience.  I expect they’ll be a little more personal and unusual, since we don’t usually start internet arguments by arguing about our own beliefs.

So now it’s time to SIGN UP if you’d like to enter.  Make sure you’re confident you can turn around your answers quickly, if you’re considering signing up.  I leave for England next week, so this will be a little by-the-seat-of-our-pants.  I’ll need answers to both sections by Wednesday May 23rd, so I’m going to be very fast about notifying participants that they’ve been selected.  Answers are supposed to be about ~200 words each, with a little room for fudging or making one answer longer and the other ones short.

If there are any atheist or Christian bloggers you’d like me to specifically ask to participate, let me know.

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  • Joe

    I nominate Edward Feser and the commenter Patrick. Patrick I think is you’re strongest ally in the comment section and I think he would give some awesome answers, both fake and genuine.

    • Joe

      Jen McCreight would be good as well. I love her plucky writing style.

      • Nick

        But a recognizable writing style isn’t strictly a good thing…

        • leahlibresco

          Don’t I know it. I got made by one of my friends in last year’s contest because I’m the only person she knows who regularly uses the word ‘eldritch’

          • Dara

            If eldritch hadn’t done it, the references to experimental physics would have 😉

  • I am sad. I do not think I can do this by the 23rd, what with a busy week. But I will enjoy taking part in the voting half.

    • Sorry to hear that, I’m sure yours would have been a great entry.

  • I’d actually be quite interested in seeing Feser take a swing at these questions. He is a fantastic writer, and can turn a phrase better than most.

  • Three suggestions for who to invite, three of your fellow Patheos bloggers (but all Catholic – I’m sure some atheists ones are good too, but I don’t know them as well). Mark Shea from Catholic and Enjoying It, Thomas McDonald from God and the Machine, and Marc from Bad Catholic.

    • TR

      Only, Marc’s writing style is pretty recognizable as well.

    • Christina

      I second having Marc from Bad Catholic write a response. Although it might be recognizable, such things are hard to tell. Besides a good writer should be able to change his writing style no?

  • You should coerce Eve Tushnet into participating, these questions are, like, totally made for her. Of course the Christian entry would be obvious to everyone, but I really want to see her atheist answers.

  • Dara

    I would have a hard enough time answering these questions honestly; answering them from an imagined perspective is just beyond my skill level. Can we keep these conversations going among atheists after the Turing Test?

  • John C. Wright
    Mike Flynn

    Incidentally, is it supposed to be filled up yet?