7 Quick Takes (2/15/13)

— 1 —

Happy day after Valentine’s Day and Susan B. Anthony’s birthday!  There are many admirable kinds of love, but the most powerful may be the kind my mother displayed for me yesterday, when she helped me pack up everything I owned and then drove us both back up to New York for my final leavetakings.

There were three boxes of books, and several labelled “Costumes/Props.”  And about four to five  unsuccessful corset mockups ended up in the trash (does the set of front panels I tore out and replaced count as a half?).  So, here are some very quick takes indeed:

— 2 —

One of the housemates I’ll be sad to leave linked me to this image as a farewell gift:



— 3 —

And this Plantagenet card was also much appreciated:

— 4 —

And also in an slightly-off, slightly-late Valentine’s Day vein: I heard that Glee used “Not Getting Married Today” in this week’s episode, but did not do it justice.  So why not enjoy the version from the one we watched in the Sondheim Symposium?

— 5 —

I couldn’t find the audio for my favorite suffragist song (though you can find the lyrics here), so let’s go with the Gaga parody in Susan B. Anthony’s honor:


Susan B. is the source of the Anthony in Leah Anthony Libresco.

— 6 —

Ok, I’m terribly pressed for time, so I’m just going to fill out the last two takes with musical love songs that are not anti-feminist (bridging the two themes here).  First up: “There Once Was a Man” from Pajama Game.

— 7 —

And “Follow Your Heart” from Urinetown:

Which has the following delightful lyrics:

Someday I’ll meet someone
Whose heart joins with mine
Aortas and arteries all intertwined
They’ll beat so much stronger
Than they could apart
Eight chambers of muscle to hustle
The love in our heart


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  • Darren

    “Susan B. is the source of the Anthony in Leah Anthony Libresco.”

    Nice! Big fan of the awesome role model middle-namesakes! Good for your parents!

    Did you know this growing up? Did it inspire you or annoy you? Do you think it had any influence on your development?

    • I was curious whether it was a family name 🙂

    • leahlibresco

      Oh heck yes! I asked in first grade to be allowed to make a presentation on Susan B.’s b-day, and the teacher, who expected maybe 5 min of facts, got thirty of props and costumes.

      • Yes… this is what my mental model of Leah predicts would happen 😉

      • Haha, I bet teachers loved/hated you!

        I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I found the Lady Gaga/Suffragette video quite moving.

        • grok87

          I thought so too.

  • Mike

    Anthony is my middle name too!

    BTW You have such an Italian sounding name and you grew up in NY and you’re not Italian but you once dated a Catholic and joined the Church of Rome last year. There seems to be something pulling you in that direction it seems.

    • leahlibresco

      I’m half Italian, half Jewish, but Libresco (Jewish, maternal) got mangled at Ellis Island from the Romanian. (Librescieu in Romania, to Libresceau in France, to Libresco here).

      • Mike

        That’s interesting. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend. See you soon and thank you again for helping me get through each work day :).

  • Mytheos

    Glee didn’t COMPLETELY screw up “Not Getting Married.” At the technical level, they actually were pretty impressive, as the patter was unbelievably fast. However, changing the lyrics to Sondheim to accommodate particular characters’ names is always perilous, and they did it the dumbest way possible. However, I consider it progress that they actually used such a hard Sondheim number on a show that usually makes really dumb choices.

    • Mike

      BTW What’s Glee?

      hee hee 🙂

      • Darren

        Beverly Hills 90210 with singing…

        (showing my age)

        • Mike


    • leahlibresco

      I thought they had speed without intensity. Except right at the end with the smash cuts for the ‘Amens’ the camera broke the tension too much.

  • KL

    “Follow Your Heart” is among my favorite musical love songs, ever. I am a sucker for self-aware theater, though, so Urinetown in general delights me. I wish it was better known!

  • deiseach

    The Javert valentine is perfect 🙂

  • Arizona Mike

    And a happy feast day for Sts. Cyril and Methodius, apostles to the Slavs and creators of the Cyrillic alphabet!

    • deiseach

      Poor Cyril and Methodius, they never get a look-in on their own feast day 🙂

      Seeing as how I’m resolutely “Bah, humbug!” when it comes to luuurve and romance, I should adopt them as the patronal feast to be celebrated on that day.

      • Arizona Mike

        Well, St. Valentine’s day is no longer part of the liturgical calendar, and Cyril and Methodius are. I guess one could celebrate the holiday by watching a Russian-themed film (I recommend The Brothers Karamazov, Stalker by Tarkovsky, or Derzu Uzala and having some nice Borscht and Vodka.

        St. Valentine’s skull is preserved as a relic in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, visible here on another patheos blog: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/yimcatholic/2013/02/heres-a-heads-up-for-st-valentines-day.html.

  • What, no Sister Suffragette? THAT is the best song about women’s suffrage, bar none.

  • Dave

    Not related to this post, but you might like this take on Anne Hathaway in Les Mis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4yxsRRnvkE