Comments will be wonky for a little while

It’s going Patheos-wide, so comments may unexpectedly appear and reappear over the next 24 hours.  Post bug reports, complaints, suggestions here, and I will try to pass them along.  Thanks for your patience team!


UPDATE: We are apparently in the upper percentiles of chatty Cathy Patheos blogs, so the transition for Unequally Yoked is being pushed to the weekend.

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  • Hanan



  • Mike

    For what it’s worth i like the way the comments look now.

  • I don’t love Disqus, but it’s far better than forcing people to sign in with FB or something. What I am NOT looking forward to is learning a bunch of new pseudonyms if, e.g., “Mike,” “Darren,” and “Gilbert” are already in use by others on Disqus.

    • Darren

      Mostly just means you have to look at my ugly mug…

      At least I won’t keep thinking you are a hot pre-Rafaelite girl… 😉

      • It’s actually the guy on the left in this painting, fretting over the fall of Rome:,_1847._%C3%93leo_sobre_lienzo,_472_x_772_cm%29.jpg
        However, I’ve noticed that new commenters here and elsewhere often take me for female on account of that profile photo. They even call me “Irene” sometimes. All of which suits me fine, as it occasionally leads trolls to reveal themselves as such by mansplaining something.

        • Darren

          _That_ is pretty funny.

          I was thinking it was Beata Beatrix, or one similar, but I see now they are different (obviously).

          At first, I pretty much had you and Deiseach swapped, IRL .vs. avatar.

          • deiseach

            I don’t know whether to be flattered or alarmed 🙂

        • Steve

          Irenist… It’s funny but I pegged you as a female, though it’s never come up specifically in conversation. Didn’t really put much thought one way or the other into it. Maybe subconsciously I was denying what a sausage-fest it can be here.

          • Maybe subconsciously I was denying what a sausage-fest it can be here.

            Sadly, yes. There are some truly great female contributors, but (as happens so often online and off) us guys often seem to suck all the oxygen out of the room with our endless verbal jousting. Something to think about, perhaps, w/r/t the whole revamping of the comments issue.

    • That one isn’t so bad, because only account names must be unique, not display names. I actually log in with a slightly modified nick, but what people see is still “Gilbert”.