Keep Calm and Report Bugs

As you’ve noticed, Disqus is now the commenting system here at Unequally Yoked and across all of Patheos.  The higher ups have migrated nearly all old comments through, but anything you posted here over about the last two days is still being transferred in the mop up import.  New comments will stay up.

As we’re all adjusting, please use this post for three kinds of comments:

  • Bug Reports – things that are wrong with the new Disqus set-up (can’t post, comments not showing up, etc)
  • Feature Requests – things you know Disqus can do (or that you’ve seen on other Disqus-enabled blogs that you’d like me to consider incorporating
  • Anything else – pretty much exactly what it says on the tin

So, this will be one of our structured comment thread posts.  Post only in reply to the relevant top comment (linked above).  And…

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  • LeahLibresco

    Bug Reports

    Things that are wrong with the new Disqus set-up (can’t post, comments not showing up, etc)

    • – Logging on usually takes two tries. On the first try I get the username/password page and then after typing the credentials in nothing happens. But it clearly registers it on the server side, because then on the second try I’m immediately in without a credential prompt.

      – The recent comments list doesn’t seem to notice new comments yet, which is why it’s all trackbacks.

      – The comment numbers given on the front and archive page (i.e. before clicking through to the actual comments) seem random.

      -Comments from before the Patheos transition still miss all line breaks, as they have ever since that transition. In addition to that they now have all apostrophes replaced with &#039

      – I got a comment reply notification for a reply that happened months
      ago. (This might be a transition bug without future effects so maybe it
      doesn’t need fixing.)

    • – I just got logged out unaskedly. The re-login again worked without asking for credentials.
      – The “oldest” rather than “”best”” preference didn’t survive that logout.

    • I get to vote while logged out and then again after logging in, so I can vote stuff up twice.

    • Randy Gritter

      Recent Comments does not scroll you to the comment in question. It takes you to the right post but leaves it up to you to find the comment.

    • Randy Gritter

      I wrote something and tried to go back and insert a paragraph break. It didn’t let me. At least the obvious method of putting the cursor at the spot and hitting ENTER did not work. Tried it again in this comment. I hit ENTER over and over. It does nothing. Everything else types fine.

      • Randy Gritter

        BTW, I posted a comment from my home computer and this worked fine. Does not work from my PC at work. Using FireFox in both places. Not sure what the problem is.

    • Randy Gritter

      Scrollbar is off when composing comments. If you keep typing and get to
      the end of the box the cursor disappears. You have to manually move the
      scrollbar after every new line typed. Also, Recent Comments does not refresh very quickly even after manually refreshing the page. The previous comment gear saved the unposted comment when you did a refresh. It even did so when you moved from one spot to another. That is gone now. Not sure if that is a big deal because the posting does not fail as much but you are more likely to lose a comment when it does.

    • Ray

      the recent comments sidebar no longer shows new comments. It seems to be stuck a few days ago.

  • LeahLibresco

    Feature Requests

    Things you know Disqus can do (or that you’ve seen on other Disqus-enabled blogs that you’d like me to consider incorporating

    • Andrew G.

      It looks like you have guest commenting turned off (so commenting requires either registering with Disqus or using a facebook/twitter/google account). You may want to consider turning it on.

    • tedseeber

      Yours is one of the few patheos blogs that I’d like a “subscribe my e-mail to this post” with. I don’t say that about many blogs at all.

    • – I hear the system can be configured to show all comments rather than the “show more comments” button it has by default. That would be better.

      – Back when you moved to Patheos we already had a few days with the disqus-ting comment system. Back then you changed the default display order from “best” to “oldest”. I’m not sure if that is still possible in the present version, but if yes it would disconfuse the discussions.
      – Patheos might not go along with this, but a few lines of jQuery would be enough to hide the voting widgets….

    • Randy Gritter

      Strange Notions used Disqus. It has many of the maddening features I listed below. One thing it seems to have fixed is the link the the precise comment in the Recent Comments section. The listed comments there have 2 links, one to the post and one to the comment in question. The second link contains in the hyper-linked text an indication of how long ago the comment was posted. That is also useful information.

      One thing I did notice is that if you post a comment and then edit it many of the features that didn’t work start working. Like you can hit ENTER and you actually get a new line. Amazing technology.

  • LeahLibresco

    Anything else

    Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin

    • grok87


  • tedseeber

    Can I post a message without being told that I am posting messages too quickly? That’s always been my problem on this blog.

    • tedseeber

      And the answer is Obama- Yes I Can.

      • TheRealAaron

        Good to know! (This is basically just a test message)

  • Mike

    Very much DO NOT LIKE THIS THING! Mostly bc explorer at work is dated and does not support it, which means I can not make a fool of myself from work anymore!!! ARGH!

  • Michael Barger

    “Lord, if this is how you treat your friends, it’s no surprise you have so few of them.” – St. Teresa of Avila

  • grok87

    As Garth says on Wayne’s World, “We fear change.”


  • Mitchell Porter

    On your front page, this post is currently described as having received “20 Comments and 1237395293 Reactions”. So either this is the new “Gangnam Style”, or…

  • Jake

    Patheos has started appending a “See More at: ” every time I copy text from a post. I’m not sure how new this is, but it’s downright obnoxious to have to copy-paste-delete half of it every time we want to quote something. Not sure if that’s a setting you can turn off?


    As you’ve noticed, Disqus is now the commenting system here at Unequally Yoked and across all of Patheos. – See more at:

    • LeahLibresco

      Already put in a complaint and they said it should be gone by the end of the week.