The American Family Association wants Christians to boycott Radio Shack. But WWJD?


The American Family Association is calling for a boycott of Radio Shack. Why? Because in their holiday advertising Radio Shack uses the word holiday instead of Christmas.

The AFA regularly seeks to impose upon the world its particular brand of distorted Christianity by means of boycotts and similar campaigns, so this latest call to action is hardly a surprise.

Is this really how Christians want to make their voices heard? Do we really want to be known for demanding that others explicitly recognize and promote our religious holidays?

Would Jesus boycott a store that didn’t celebrate his birthday?

I don’t think so. I think he would have gone out of his way to shop at such a store, to engage with the people there, to show them the warmth, compassion, and love for which he gave his life. I think the petty economic activism advocated by the AFA is the antithesis of how Christians are supposed to interact with the world.

I don’t regularly shop at Radio Shack. But the AFA’s latest “campaign” sure makes me want to.

The AFA is asking its supporters to leave comments on Radio Shack’s Facebook page, and to call the company’s corporate office (817-415-3011, opt 0) to “let them know you are serious about taking your business elsewhere.”

I will be contacting Radio Shack. But I’ll be letting them know that, as a Christian, I wholeheartedly support their all-inclusive holiday advertising. I encourage you to do the same. If enough of us do that, maybe the AFA will learn something they seem to be missing about the real message of Christmas.

Dan WilkinsonDan Wilkinson

Dan is a writer, graphic designer and IT specialist. He lives in Montana, is married and has two cats. He blogs at

  • allegro63

    Good Lord. Of all the things this group could be complaining about, and its that? What about all the businesses owned by non-Christians? Or the ones who do no advertising other than the sign on their door? Or the ones that are “gasp!” open on Christmas?

    I’m of the mind that any business AFA is against, I am likely more likely to support.

    • Steve Russell

      I was thinking the same thing. AFA needs to start dealing with real issues.

      • MichiganMama

        That would mean acknowledging that many American families are struggling to put food on the table and that goes against the Gospel According to the Tea Party.

      • Pat

        That would have to be an entirely different group.

        Don’t do any of the things they do and do something entirely different?

      • Jill

        Actually this hate group needs to not exist. Or convert to Christianity.

    • Ford1968

      At least this temper tantrum changes the conversation from abortion and homosexuality for thirty seconds. I’ll take it.

  • Mickee Thorstad

    Works for me.. I’ll be shopping at Radio Shack..

  • MichiganMama

    I think this graphic from blogger Rachel Held Evans kind of sums this issue up for me.

  • Ricky Cadden

    Dan – My name is Ricky Cadden. I manage RadioShack’s Social Media presence, and am a born-again Christ-follower. I’ve been ‘handling’ this situation all day, and as a Christ-follower, I really appreciate your level-headed approach. Just want to say thanks.

    • Dan Wilkinson

      Hi Ricky! Thanks for your comment. So sorry you even have to deal with this…hang in there…and Happy Holidays!

      • Andy

        I see what you did there.

    • Curt Naeve

      I’m an active Christian served as a lay pastor to both United Methodist and Presbyterian [PCUSA] and I would ask you to convey to your bosses my wishes that they NOT cave in to the threats of these terrorists in Christian clothing. They do not speak for us but the rest of us do get blamed for their irrational behavior.

    • jkld

      Good for you. These people must remember that December is not and never has been exclusively for Christians. Those of us who understand that also understand that the AFA does not and never will speak for people who have the God given common sense to understand that.
      Good luck.

    • Andy

      On behalf of everyone except the crackpots that think you’re oppressing them by not explicitly saying the word “Christmas”, I say thank you.

  • Louise Margarite

    Don’t people know that the word holiday is a contraction of holy day… I think Happy Holidays is certainly more Christlike than making employess spend all of Thanksgiving at K-Mart or cutting their time with their families like all the other major retailers are doing … What all these stores should display is a Season’s Greediness banner

  • Karen

    Doesn’t “Happy Holidays” include Christmas?

    • Andy

      Sorry, if you don’t explicitly say “Christmas”, you’re suppressing their freedom of religion. At least, that’s what those crackpots claim.

  • Nick

    There are starving homeless children and adults worldwide, incurable diseases, and exploitation and abuse around every corner. MERRY CHRISTMAS, AFA! I’m glad you have chosen something real to stand up for. #lame

  • James

    You know, Dan, I appreciate your point… but don’t really agree. Should we really be “encouraging” people to avoid saying Christmas? Should we be going out of our way to slap people on the back who are simply kowtowing to political correctness? I’m not suggesting a boycott. I don’t boycott. But I don’t think think we should swing the pendulum your direction either. To go into a store and encourage an establishment to just avoid the mention of Christmas so you don’t “offend” 1% of the population is really just political correctness run amok. And there is entirely too much of it in this country. People are so easily offended by calling something what it is…. it’s really kinda crazy, don’t you think? WWJD? I don’t know. But I DO know he wasn’t afraid to call things as they were… he wasn’t worried about how politically or religiously correct he might be. And that’s exactly what you seem to be suggesting. You seem to suggesting that Jesus would walk into Radio Shack and say, “Hey guys! Let’s be sure not to say anything offensive.” That wasn’t the way He rolled. Maybe I’m reading you wrong… if so, I apologize.

    • Phatchick

      If you actually look at the numbers, it’s closer to a quarter of the population. IMHO, there are a lot more important things for me to worry about than wether or not an over-worked, underpaid sales clerk says the “right” words to me while ringing me up.

      • James

        Chick, I don’t disagree with you. HOWEVER, my point (which not many people picked up on) is that we’ve become terribly politically correct. And every little fraction gets horribly offended. I live and work in an area and industry that is highly Jewish. And guess what, I don’t get offended when someone wishes me Happy Hanukah. I just don’t. I’m happy to be included in their holiday. And guess what else…they wish me Merry Christmas. So my point of the 1% is that most non-Christians don’t mind that we celebrate Christmas. And if they DO mind, they may be just as offended to be celebrating ANY holiday because they don’t believe there’s anything to celebrate. That’s all. No big deal. Just think it would be great if we were all a lot more tolerant of others holidays

        • DisentAgain

          “I don’t get offended when someone wishes me Happy Hanukah.” Because “Happy Hanukah” is not constant, inescapable and constantly reminding you how “not Jewish” you are. Try to imagine all the Christmas signs and wishes say “you do not belong”… because that’s exactly how it feels.

          • Andy

            It sounds like you’re assuming everyone that puts up Christmas decorations and wishes you Merry Christmas is trying to push the religious celebration on you, when many of them aren’t. If the fact that we see Christmas stuff up in stores before Halloween isn’t an indicator that it’s as much a secular holiday as a religious one, I don’t know what is.

          • DisentAgain

            The 4th of July is secular. If you don’t celebrate it – no one cares. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, the media declares it a ‘war’. It’s not about the secular nature…. it’s about the disrespectful assumption that everyone celebrates the way we do.

        • BarbaraR

          By saying “Happy holidays,” we ARE being more tolerant of other religions and their observances. Having “Merry Christmas” (with all the accompanying Santas, trees, music, etc.) shoved in your face as the only “right” religion is a reminder that your religion isn’t worthy of being acknowledged.

          • Andy

            Christmas is a largely secular holiday now, and none of those things you mentioned are indicative of a religious celebration. A lot of non-Christians don’t celebrate Christmas, but a lot do. There’s a reason that Christmas is widely recognized as a national holiday, but Easter and the like are not.

          • Sven2547

            Easter conveniently falls on a Sunday. If it fell on a Monday or a Tuesday, I bet it would absolutely be a federal holiday. Such is Christian privilege in the US.

          • Andy

            Christmas and July 4th sometimes fall on Sundays. If they wanted to observe Easter, they’d do it on Monday. I’m not aware of the law that made Christmas a national holiday, but I would not be surprised to find out that by that time it was celebrated secularly already.

    • Guest

      I work for a Christian resale shop and I say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Have a wonderful holiday, enjoy your New Year… all kinds of things! So, if I wish you a happy holiday, do you REALLY think the appropriate response is to get pissed off? I mean, I’m trying to wish you well. Just say “thank-you” for goodness sakes!

      This debate will only serve to get me and to encourage my employees to say nothing at all. Just not worth it.

    • Baptistinboots

      I agree with the post – I just wanted to say quickly (I realise this may come across as aggressive but it isn’t meant to be) “read your Bible”! At what point did Jesus challenge/speak his mind/attack any one other than the religious hierarchy who were being ‘exclusive’ instead of ‘inclusive’? The “Jesus didn’t mind who he offended as long as he spoke the truth (in love)” argument is pretty ignorant and used often for exactly the reasons stated in the post above – to force people to adhere to their understanding or belief – there are no incidences of Jesus doing that.

    • Dan Wilkinson

      From my perspective, this doesn’t have anything to do with political correctness. Rather, it has everything to do with how we as Christians interact with the broader culture. Should I, as a follower of Christ, feel offended when RS wishes me a “Happy Holiday” and therefore take my business elsewhere? Or should I smile and buy an extra set of batteries and wish them a Happy Holiday (and maybe even a Merry Christmas!) in return? To me, the answer seems obvious…

      • Andy

        Depends on whether or not they ask you for your phone number.

      • Michael

        See, your whole idea of wanting to spend EXTRA money at RS because they DON’T say “Christmas” seems very odd to me. I understand being neutral… but essentially you’re saying “Please don’t mention Christmas, and if you don’t I’ll pay extra!” Just odd. At least if you claim to be a believer of any sort….but maybe you don’t, I don’t know.

    • DisentAgain

      “…simply kowtowing to political correctness? ” It’s not PC. It’s simple human respect. To say “merry Christmas” to someone who does not celebrate Christmas is simply disrespectful when a perfectly acceptable substitute exists. Picture yourself relentlessly surrounded by the world wishing you a “joyful Ramadan”, every shop, every window, every clerk – all assuming you celebrate the exact same way they do – same thing here. At best, colossally ignorant and disrespectful.

      WWJD? I’m not sure, but I’m fairly certain it didn’t involve willful disrespect.

    • KellyLynne

      You know, one of my pet peeves is how the idea that Christians aren’t the only people in the country is labeled as “political correctness.” What that tells those people is, “You aren’t important, your beliefs don’t matter, and showing you basic respect is ‘kowtowing.” Not assuming that a random stranger celebrates your holiday isn’t kowtowing—it’s basic respect.

      And let’s be really honest about how Christmas is treated in the US. It’s a federal holiday. It’s by far the biggest celebration of the year, with stores playing Christmas music (secular and sacred both) starting in November or even October, trees and lights *everywhere*, tons of TV programming dedicated to it. People aren’t ignoring or hiding or covering up Christmas—they’re making it the biggest of big deals of any holiday ever.

      Also, it’s a HUGE leap from “they did a commercial that said holiday rather than Christmas” to “they’re deliberately avoiding mention of Christmas because Christmas is ‘offensive.’” “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings” have been used for as long as I can remember (okay, that’s less than 30 years), both as interchangeable with “Merry Christmas” and to cover the whole Thanksgiving through New Years holiday season.

    • Sven2547

      To go into a store and encourage an establishment to just avoid the mention of Christmas so you don’t “offend” 1% of the population is really just political correctness run amok.

      Funny: I’m not hearing outrage from that segment of the population. The people expressing offense are the Christian-supremacists of the AFA and others.

  • Johnathon Eltrevoog

    I used to boycott cats, but have since stopped boycotting things.

  • Ford1968

    What made me chuckle is that this is a temporary boycott. That’s the boycott equivalent of holding your breath until your face turns blue.

    Evidently the AFA’s convictions are seasonal.

    • Jill

      ahahaahahahaha! Oh that’s good.

    • Kristine Emerson

      For the win!!!

  • David A. Carlson

    I understand that Jesus more than likely wore a robe of some kind, that was the fashion back then in Judea. But why is he depicted dressing like a jedi?

    • Dan Wilkinson

      I’m pretty sure Jesus was a Jedi…

      • David A. Carlson

        LOL. He could do so much more than any Jedi could hope to.

        Plus, Jedi is a pagan religion that uses sinister magic. The Force is the power of the devil.

  • David A. Carlson

    Jesus also wants us to show people the way to Him. We can’t do that by leaving them behind. And boycotting a company that doesn’t say Merry Christmas is doing just that. Maybe we should contact Radio Shack’s home office and get them to let the employees decide what they should say. If the employees is Christian, let them say Merry Christmas.

    • Andy

      They don’t have to be anything specific to say “Merry Christmas.” People of numerous faiths, and of none, celebrate it. For many of them, it’s completely secular. The vast majority of people I’ve talked to (small sample, I know) have no problem with people wishing them a merry Christmas, even if they don’t celebrate it. Very few of those even mention they don’t celebrate it; they usually just say “thank you” or “you too” or whatever and move on.

      How much merrier the Christmas season could be if some people weren’t so damn uptight about it.

      • David A. Carlson

        I agree with you. I am not Jewish, but if a Jew were to tell me “Happy Hannukah” (or Chappy Channnukah, just a little joke), I would tell them Happy Hannukah back. And I would accept their wish for me to enjoy happiness during the time of Hannukah. I wished someone a Merry Christmas once, and they got huffy about it and told me, “I dont celebrate Christmas”. Fine then, that doent mean you cant have a happy day on December 25th.

  • annettelervin

    I work for a Christian resale shop and I say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Have a wonderful holiday, enjoy your New Year… all kinds of things! So, if I wish you a happy holiday, do you REALLY think the appropriate response is to get pissed off? I mean, I’m trying to wish you well. Just say “thank-you” for goodness sakes!

    This debate will only serve to get me and to encourage my employees to say nothing at all. It’s just not worth it getting lectured by so called Christians who have no decency for those who are there to serve them usually for little pay.

    • LauraE

      Sad thing is, a lot of atheists or non-Christians get offended when someone wishes them “Merry Christmas”. A LOT of them. It would be nice if it would go both ways where everyone realizes that no matter how it’s put, it’s just a friendly wish of well-being.

  • Jeremy Deats

    It’s likely Christ wasn’t even born in December and the Santa Clause character based on St. Nicholas along with all the commercialization is very much a western concept (thank you Coca Cola). The reality is there are a lot of religions celebrating at this time of the year and the spending/shopping/business aspect of this holiday should be entirely separate. Radio Shack chooses to keep religion out of its business and so one religious group wants to rise up and attack them for that. It’s important to point out, Radio Shack isn’t being anti-Christian, they are simply being religion neutral in their advertising. No, it’s not the same thing. Christians should be ashamed of this boycott and not joining it.

    • Andy

      If you downvoted this, you’re part of the problem.

  • Henry Spencer

    Wow. I was going to boycott Wal-Mart and McDonalds because of their poor labour practices, corporate greed, and lack of respect for their employees. This injustice is far worse than any of those. Thanks AFA for showing me the way!

    Just plain sad.

    • Andy

      Heh. Some people might need to you spell out the sarcasm.

      • Kristine Emerson

        Not to me. But true story. The obtuse is definitely painful these days!

        • John Shore

          What are you guys talking about? I don’t get it.

    • Richard W. Fitch

      When will some one develop a sarcasm font that can be used across all cyberspace. I was misinterpreted just today on another site. Maybe this should be a project for Dan W.

  • Richard SirRoyal Inman

    “Holidays” is all encompassing. It is a retail business, capitalizing on “HOLIDAY” shopping, that spans Thanksgiving to New years; not just one day. Additionally, since it is not a “christian” business shopping season, they would also have to say Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa, Dawali, Eid, Yule, etc. etc. etc. While these things may actually come out while you are getting to know your customer and building a personal relationship, at the end of the day, it is a company providing you deals when everybody is looking for them at the same time. RS is trying to earn the right to have you as a new and/or repeat customer, not satisfy your everlasting soul.

  • Erika B

    just because they said holiday, does not exclude christians.

  • Kristine Emerson

    Holy + Day = Holiday. What is the problem???? GAH.

  • Dragonfly

    Me: Seriously????? Ugh. Some christians are getting to be ridiculous nowadays. Just Saying. I am ok with people believing differently just not when they force there beliefs on others:)

    • David A. Carlson

      Christians. Really????? What happened to freedom of religion? What happened to freedom of choice?

  • wordaddict

    Apparently New Years is not a holiday?

  • akingma

    What a petty sideshow these so-called Christians have made around the celebration of Christmas. It’s so contrary to Christ’s message that they dwell on the supposed indignity of being lumped in with all the other faiths that have celebrations at this time of the year. Christ was so much bigger than that. Why can’t his followers try to be, too?

    • David A. Carlson

      As a Christian, I would like to take offense at this. Unfortunately, it’s hard to, because you are so very right.

  • Steve Yna NY

    We have to be careful not to engage in the same kind of polemics and judgement that we criticize . Just because these Christians have e a controversial view of Radio Shack does not mean they are not Christians or undeserving of the same respect that we are called to give all people.

    • Matt

      Steve, the AFA has been designated as a hate group. “Respect” in this case means speaking up for the people that this organization tries to tear down, and calling attention to the ways that the AFA tries to dominate the national conversation regarding Christianity.

    • Greg Dill

      I don’t see where the author states that AFA are not Christians. Yes, we need to be careful not to engage in the same tripe as those we criticize. But, that is not the same as pointing out distortions and forms of legalism as Jesus did with the Pharisees.

    • John Shore

      Um … so apparently you’ve never met the American Family Association. And good for you if you haven’t! Learning about the AFA is like falling into a deep and thriving nest of cockroaches.

      • Richard W. Fitch

        More like being buried in a colony of African ants.

    • DisentAgain

      I disagree. Calling foolish behavior foolish is exactly how progress is made. Ideas, when introduced into the public world, are open to any and all criticism. Likewise, that criticism is open to the same scrutiny. That’s how we tell bad ideas form the good – open, honest discourse. Bad ideas deserve derision.

    • James

      I agree, Steve. The people on this site just like to be wonderfully hip and judgmental of anyone who has a more traditional view. This is one of the most harsh and judgmental groups I’ve seen… almost as bad as those they love to condemn. They’re no different. Just a different point of view. And they think their view makes them 0h-so-righteous and wonderful! They’re just as self-righteous as anyone else….they just haven’t looked in a mirror lately.

      • Michael

        I was just thinking the same thing. I see a lot of hate spewed on this blog. They think they’re being inclusive–and maybe they are–but there is a hate-filled attitude towards their “brothers and sisters” at AFA. I’m not saying AFA is correct, but these guys are just as bad.

        • John Shore

          No, we’re not. Because unlike the endlessly gay-bashing AFA, we don’t perpetuate and traffic in human misery. And yes, we DO oppose the AFA, and all groups that, in the name of Christ, hate and harm others. It’s called defending the oppressed. It’s what Christians are supposed to do.

        • Matt

          I see no hate here, Michael. What I do see from the AFA is very un-Christian behavior, especially bearing false witness against one’s neighbor. And that’s what Unfundamentalist Christians is pointing out.

          For example, right now the House is about to vote on ENDA, a bill that would prevent LGBT people (like me) from being fired simply for being who we are. But the AFA is claiming that, “ENDA would force religious business owners and workplaces such as Christian bookstores, religious publishing houses, pre-schools and religious television and radio stations to accept as normal any employee who has had a sex-change surgery, is considering a change, or just thinks they are the opposite sex of what they really are.”

          As a transgender person, I know that this is false. I know that these are lies intended to make other people oppose the bill. I know how much the transgender community already struggles with poverty, homelessness, and unemployment. And all because people don’t understand us and use their power against us. Encouraging that is what I call hateful.

          • Michael

            Matt, I was referring to people who called the AFA cockroaches and things like that….Doesn’t sound very Christ-like to me. Maybe I’m seeing it wrong…. but I have a hard time seeing it any other way–sounds like hate. Unless you’re a big fan of cockroaches.

          • Matt

            Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m done being nice to people who just want to see me dead. No counter-violence, no slurs. But I’m certainly going to channel Jesus: “You snakes!”

            Once she is safely away from him, would you encourage a battered wife not to call her husband exactly what he is (a jerk and a coward and worse) because you call it “hateful?” Then you’re contributing to the problem, not helping. I personally would say it for her until she believed it, so that she can start to heal.

            It sounds on the surface all benevolent and spiritually enlightened to never say a bad word against anyone. But people get killed sometimes when we don’t speak up for them and use strong grown-up word to do it.

      • Guest Observer

        I concur! Very well said. The lions share of this group tends to cast stones very easily. They certainly need plenty of mirrors. JMO.

  • Greg Dill

    Do people still follow and listen to the AFA? I thought these guys were pretty much discarded into the trashbin of a bygone era.

    • Andy

      They probably still have a bit of a “cult” following, if you’ll pardon the wordplay.

    • John Shore

      Hardly. AFA brings in (and of course pays their top people) insane money; they are very much alive and active. (To see how alive and active, see under “Operations” here:

      • Andy

        That’s depressing, but not surprising.

  • Quintessential Jon

    I have no problem with those of other Faiths wishing me joy of the season according to their beliefs, and I will happily return a “Good Yule” or “Blessed Be.” Nobody’s ever jumped my case or taken it as an insult to their Tradition, so far as I can recall…

  • David de Graaff

    In the journey I’m on it blows me away as I’m learning just how far humanity with it’s religion has veered so far away from Christianity and the bible/ gospel.

  • Belle Wilkie

    If people actually read the bible they would see that Jesus never wanted his birth celebrated.
    He wants his death remembered!
    Christmas is a money making holiday invented by a king to make church more fun so more people would come and he would get more money.
    Today its basically the same thing. It exists to make money.
    If anything celebrating Christmas for God and Jesus is the same as slapping them in the face.
    Oh but then we would not get stuff once a year? Right? LOL!

  • Robert Wasmer

    I stopped at Radio Shack today to get some needed electronic cables. True, I could have gotten them somewhere else, but that is not the point. In any case, I think I may visit/shop there several more times this Holiday Season.

  • Dave Price

    The AFA’s boycott of Radio Shack is not Christian. It is not what Jesus would do. Your response is equally not Christian. It is, in fact, immature–”I will be contacting Radio Shack. But I’ll be letting them know that, as a Christian, I wholeheartedly support their all-inclusive holiday advertising.” Why? Why is that worthy of support? It’s not–no more than it is cause for boycott. “Happy Holidays” is an acceptable greeting this time of year, certainly not anti-Christian, but neither is it commendable. Your “wholehearted support” puts you in league with the AFA, because you, like they, give too much weight to a simple greeting. How about just saying, “Thanks. You, too.” And, yeah, go ahead and shop there.

    • Eileen Silverstein

      I grew up Jewish and converted to Christianity as an adult. When I was a kid and went into a store, people would say, “Merry Christmas”. I was flattered to be “mistaken” to be a Christian and didn’t try to correct them. I also knew that it was a general greeting of the holidays at the time and didn’t take offense. But I feel that in today’s multicultural society (there have been lots of Indians/Hindus and Muslims who have settled in my town over the past 10 years), sensitivity is key and “happy holidays” isn’t offensive or non-Christian, it’s simply considerate and showing respect toward all religions.

    • duskglow

      I did call them. I told them “You know this whole hubbub about what to say to greet people? I don’t care. Say what you want. I have other reasons to like or not like you, but that’s not one of them. Please pass that to whomever makes the decisions.”

      I don’t think I will be buying anything from Radio Shack. I wasn’t really going to anyway, so it will have no impact one way or another. But I think that even if they “cave” and change to “Merry Christmas”, I really don’t care. Then they’ll get a whole other set of boycotts, and the whole thing will become twice as ridiculous.

  • loudshirt1120

    Yeah… Jesus would care that Radio Shack uses “holiday” instead of “Christmas…” because that’s what’s really important… not taking care of the marginalized… ridiculous… I think Jesus would probably say, “Thanks. Now, go and be a neighbor to those who need help. And, by the way… Happy Holidays!”

  • Morrisovich

    I just ordered something from Radio Shack simply because these idiots are morons. Just as they stood in long lines grinning goofy for chicken burgers @ Chick-Fil-Ass in a show of solidarity in hate….I support ANYTHING & EVERYTHING they oppose.

    In fact, I just got a bumper sticker that reads, “Doing my best to piss off the religious right!”

    These homunculus troglodytes are self-righteous bullies and the world will be a better place when they finally die off and collect their Darwin Honorable Mention.

  • Morrisovich

    And, BTW, AFA….there is no “War on Christmas”. Fox stirs you up to sell ads, dumbasses.…/the-war-on-christmas…

    • David A. Carlson

      They Daily Show is a liberal Jew-run propaganda machine intended to brainwash the masses.
      If you really want an unbiased opinion from a leader in journalistic ethics and truth, you should watch the Colbert Report.

      • MollyCate

        David, you try too hard. And, that Christian thing … that Jesus Christ thing … He’s a Jew.

        • David A. Carlson

          It was a joke. I know Jesus was a Jew.

        • Shaun G. Lynch

          Uhmmm, MollyCate (and Morrisovich), David A. Carlson’s post directed us away from The Daily Show but towards The Colbert Report. That sounds more like Stephen Colbert-style satire than true right-wing Jew-bashing to me :-S

      • Morrisovich

        A good summary of the ridiculousness of the “War on Christmas” cry is worthy of sharing regardless of where it comes from.

        The Daily Show does not “brainwash”. It is a place thinking liberals go to see their thoughts and beliefs brilliantly summarized with satire. Therefore, it is on the comedy channel and does not deceptively pretend to call itself a news channel like, say, Fox.

        There is a difference.

  • MollyCate

    Heads up, you Nimrod “Christian” types: HOLIDAY is a contraction of … wait for it … HOLY DAY. Repeat it until you remember it and then continue to repeat until you flippin’ understand it. God love you …

  • naturgesetz

    Lord, I thank you that I am not like the AFA. I am respectful of all people of every faith tradition and none. I never seek to impose my views on others. I love everybody.

    • Michael

      Sounds like a wonderful paraphrase of something else I read. The self-righteous love to think how wonderful they are. (and i’m not talking about the AFA here, however self-righteous THEY may be as well).

    • John Shore

      I love everybody, too. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to remain silent while an innocent–much less a whole population of innocents–is being cruelly victimized. It’s immoral to remain neutral when harm is being done.

      • Michael

        Harm? Really John? “A whole population of innocents?” Cruelly victimized? Give me a break. Saying Merry Christmas is immoral to you? Wow! Amazing how you view two words. I’d hate to think how much you’d care if there was actually something to get up in arms about… or maybe that is where you SHOULD be putting your compassion. Would you feel just as defensive in a Muslim nation if the sales clerk said “Praise to Allah” when he rung up your sale? I highly doubt it. And if you did, you’d have your head detached from your head. Your values are screwed up.

        • John Shore

          I wasn’t saying that saying “Merry Christmas” is immoral; I’m not a moron. I’m saying that what the AFA promotes against LGBT people is extremely immoral.

    • BA

      Luke 18:9-14

      He also told this parable to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and regarded others with contempt: 10 “Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11 The
      Pharisee, standing by himself, was praying thus, ‘God, I thank you that
      I am not like other people: thieves, rogues, adulterers, or even like
      this tax collector. 12 I fast twice a week; I give a tenth of all my income.’ 13 But
      the tax collector, standing far off, would not even look up to heaven,
      but was beating his breast and saying, ‘God, be merciful to me, a
      sinner!’ 14 I
      tell you, this man went down to his home justified rather than the
      other; for all who exalt themselves will be humbled, but all who humble
      themselves will be exalted.”

  • BrotherRog

    Excellent call to action. Here’s a blog that our friends at the AFA would do well to read:

  • Shaun G. Lynch

    This is where WWJD meets WTF.

    In any event, shouldn’t Radio Shack currently be saying Happy HANUKKAH?

  • Stephanie Eversole Vandenburg

    Guys, a lot of the comments are calling Christians like the ones in AFA names. Is that really loving? Stand up for the oppressed, but don’t resort to calling the oppressors names and making fun of them. We don’t agree with what they are doing, and we think they are wrong, but we don’t need to sink to the level of name calling.

    • duskglow

      Agreed. It hurts my heart to see hatred from people who claim to be above hatred.

  • tnothnagle

    You could easily make the opposite argument, that a retail store using the name of Jesus Christ in their print or online advertising to sell merchandise is taking the LORD’s name in vain. I know that RadioShack doesn’t prohibit their employees from wishing customers “Merry Christmas” as many companies do at this point.

  • Beckie Ann

    Hmmm, wonder if they micromanage everything in their world? Using the word ‘holiday’ is pretty low on my list of evils…Scary self righteous controllers, causing misery and destruction…that is pretty high on my list of evils. Don’t care if they paint themselves as Christian. I see nothing of the Christ in them.

  • Bert Oleander

    “I think he would have gone out of his way to shop at such a store, to
    engage with the people there, to show them the warmth, compassion, and
    love for which he gave his life.”

    I’m sorry but this is just plain silly. If Jesus were anywhere near a mall store it would be behind the restaurant with the people digging through the dumpsters for food. This sort of dumbing down of the Gospel is one of the biggest threats that Christianity faces today.

    • melissia

      And then He’d invite them in to the restaurant (and this is important on a cold winter day; wouldn’t want them to get cold!), convince the restaurant owner to pick up the tab, then drop by radioshack for a cheap new phone so He can tweet the good word while He’s spreading the good word?

      Although to be honest, our world is so startlingly different that I have a hard time imagining what He would actually do. It’s an interesting philosophical exercise really. Certainly he would not be much loved by the modern Christian establishment, especially the Prosperity Gospel that so many Christians these days abide by, because that goes against everything he has said.

  • SluttyMary

    They need to stop worrying about putting the christ back in christmas and start worrying about putting the christ back in christian.

  • Brian Bowman

    AFA is simply attempting to enforce their viewpoint of totalitarian monotheism onto others, which is the historical crux of Christianity.

    An informative chronicle on the Christian bent to rule over their neighbors is Jonathan Kirsch’s God Against the Gods, The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism, (Viking, 2004) and is addressed pointedly in Chapter Seven: Rule the World, The Invention of the Totalitarian State by the First Christian Emperor of Rome.

    Both monotheistic conservative and monotheistic progressive camps of Christians act like Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to ideological war against their neighbors. Their strategy is the same; their goal is the same. If one wants to observe the same religious penchant to establish a Totalitarian State by progressives, one need only mention one word—guns—to observe left-wing sociopolitical behavior identical to the right-wing’s.

    Imagine being a member of the Pink Pistols, who seemingly have become all things to all men, even if their position is all things a Monotheistic Deity hates.