Cutting Through the (You Know What) on the LGBT Issue


“Until the church can come to a place of full inclusion (acceptance and affirmation) of our LGBT sisters and brothers, the church will continue to fail miserably at fulfilling Jesus’ mandate to love God and neighbor and at being the body of Christ in the world.” [Read more...]

Some Classic Lessons from a Film Classic

The Shawshank Redemption came out 20 years ago today and remains at the top of my all-time great movies list. It is punctuated with great lines and saturated with rich spiritual symbolism. The warden, Samuel Norton, functions as an icon of toxic Christianity. The warden presents himself as a socially respectable, church-going, Bible-quoting Christian. It [Read More...]

Be Who You Are and Help the Church Be the Church

Beeching, 1

One cannot fault any of our LGBT sisters and brothers for their dislike of Christians and their churches. However, as Paul wrote, there is “a more excellent way.” [Read more...]

What to Do About ISIS: A Christian’s Anguish


When I think about ISIS and what our response as a nation should be to their reign of terror my soul is in anguish. Why the anguish? Does ISIS not completely devalue human life and are they not committed to the utter destruction and mass enslavement of all people who refuse to surrender allegiance to [Read More...]

Dr. Albert Mohler versus musician Michael Gungor: Who is on the verge of theological peril?

Mohler, 2

Could the struggle with, against, and for power be behind much of what is today being written and spoken about the Bible? Could THAT struggle turn a reasonable, balanced thinker into a dogmatic fundamentalist? [Read more...]

Baptist pastor calls for sexually ethical understanding of divorce


Contrary to what many opponents of same-sex marriage would want us to believe, Jesus did not argue against divorce because he was inflexibly committed to some divine law or ideal plan that was encapsulated in Genesis 2:24. [Read more...]

Baptist pastor on why the Bible supports LGBT equality


I believe that Christians who condemn LGBTQ persons are not only misinterpreting Scripture and standing on the wrong side of history (like the pro-slavery Christians once were), they are also betraying the very one they call their Lord. [Read more...]

Keeping Jesus, Letting Go of Christian Exceptionalism

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The degree to which Christianity will contribute to a more equitable and just world will depend largely upon the degree to which Christians can let go of their exclusive claims on God and deepen their actual commitment to the way of Jesus. [Read more...]