Let Love Reign! Never Trump-ism!

Trump-ism represents some of the worst of the isms that would diminish our lives and our society: sexism, racism, egotism, narcissism, and nationalism. So, Let love reign! Never Trump-ism! [Read more…]

It’s time to trump the Trump with the Jesus card

I am committed to do everything within my power (as small and limited as that may be) to keep Trump out of the White House. [Read more…]

White people. It’s not our call!

By now, all of us have heard the uproar evoked by Colin Kaepernick’s decision to protest social injustice and the injustice in our criminal justice system by kneeling during the National Anthem.
[Read more…]

Christians need to be honest about biblical contradictions (especially in the Bible’s different portrayals of God)

Christian leaders and churches need to admit that we have done a poor job in teaching parishioners how to read biblical texts critically. [Read more…]

Let’s admit it: When it comes to money, Jesus was a radical and we’re not.   

I am a would-be disciple of Jesus. I say would-be because there are some aspects of Jesus’ life and teachings that are beyond me, that I don’t even pretend to aim toward. Consider Jesus’ teachings on money and possessions in Luke’s Gospel. [Read more…]

What the H*!! Does “Biblical” Mean?

What does biblical mean to conservative Christians? [Read more…]

Evangelicals Who Have Lost Their Souls

Some influential evangelicals and their followers have lost their souls. [Read more…]

The Spirituality of Bass Fishing

Bass fishing has given me a new enthusiasm for life, and a new enthusiasm to love more inclusively and passionately. [Read more…]