God with me still. (For my teachers.)

A poem about being there and moving here. [Read more…]

Godly Christians: Don’t stop at World Vision! Keep going!

“Remember, as Godly Christians we must boycott all companies and organizations that support gay marriage! Such companies include … ” [Read more…]

You know how sometimes

You know how sometimes people in our lives with whom we’re not terribly close, (which includes nearly everyone) like work colleagues for instance, will, quite inadvertently, say or do something that must obviously be a personal trigger instantly teleporting you back across time and space into that room you’ve been running from and trapped in [Read More…]

The “War on Christmas” from a retailer’s point of view

As we enter the holiday shopping season, I would like to call out a few points about the whole Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays debate. [Read more…]