Got Religion?


An engaging blend of statistical analysis and on-the-scene reporting about the rapidly shifting demographics of American religious involvement. [Read more...]

The Cross and Gendercide


Elizabeth Gerhardt’s new book “The Cross and Gendercide” offers a Christian response to the heart-wrenching plight of women across the globe by engaging with the cultural, religious, historical and political context of this violence and offering a proposal for how the church can work toward ending these heinous crimes. [Read more...]

“God Loves Uganda” highlights anti-gay Christian imperialism


The new documentary “God Loves Uganda” offers a sobering exploration of the American evangelical mission to impose right-wing Christian values on Africa. [Read more...]

The (surprisingly!) profound theology of “Heaven Is For Real”


“Heaven Is for Real” certainly isn’t worth going out of your way to see – it’s a solidly mediocre and benignly forgettable film. But questions about heaven, hell and the fate of every person who ever lived are always worth pondering, and in that regard “Heaven Is for Real” offers a few theological diamonds in [Read More...]

The earliest picture of Jesus on the cross


A splendid depiction of the crucifixion that you’ve probably never seen. [Read more...]

World Vision and Children: Love Loses


Must a starving child be told that homosexuality is a sin while they’re being given food? [Read more...]

The Waco tragedy and the cult of Christian evangelicalism


In the negotiations between evangelicals and the rest of American Christianity, what might be learned from the Waco tragedy? [Read more...]

Which story are you in?


Trying to identify the story we are in is not merely an act of idle speculation, a meaningless and esoteric thought experiment. For Lewis (and McGrath), the story we choose to inhabit is vitally important because it “determines what we think about ourselves and consequently how we live.” [Read more...]