The Narrow-Mindedness of Anti-Muslim Christians


A couple of days ago we shared on our Facebook page this quote from Rev. John C. Dorhauer, the General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ: [Read more...]

A Gay Pastor Explains What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality


Unfundamentalist Christians founder John Shore recently shared a letter from a gay Christian who is struggling with his sexuality and faith. Among the many encouraging comments on that post was one from a gay pastor who beautifully explained his understanding of the Bible, Christianity, and sexuality. [Read more...]

Putting Words in Paul’s Mouth: “Women: Shut Up!”


“Women should remain silent in the churches.” Few Christians actually follow Paul’s command. It’s often explained away as a cultural artifact, perhaps addressing a specific situation involving a group of unruly wives in Corinth. But an across-the-board prohibition against women speaking that’s applicable to the modern church? Surely not! [Read more...]

I’m not a fan of the Pope and you shouldn’t be either


As the hullabaloo over Pope Francis’ visit to America reaches a fever pitch, it’s important to keep in mind some sobering realities about the organization he leads. [Read more...]

I caused a bomb scare on a military installation and got in less trouble than Ahmed Mohamed


I realized that I knew exactly what happens when there’s really a bomb scare — because I’d caused one myself — and that Ahmed’s story bore no resemblance to my own experience. [Read more...]

Love in the Anthropocene


“How will love arise in a world without nature as we have known it?” This is the central question of “Love in the Anthropocene,” a newly-released collection of two essays and five short stories jointly written by environmental philosopher Dale Jamieson and novelist Bonnie Nadzam. [Read more...]

The Punctuation Mark That Might Change How You Read Romans

Romans 1:18 in Codex Sinaiticus, 4th century

One of our all-time most viewed posts on the UC blog is Don Burrows’ “Romans 1:26-27: A Clobber Passage That Should Lose Its Wallop.” Drawing upon the work of Calvin Porter, Burrows argues that Romans 1:18-32 is best understood as “boilerplate, Hellenistic Jewish material that attacks the Gentiles.” [Read more...]

5 Ways You Can Help the Syrian Crisis


Although the Syrian conflict has been going on for almost five years, it’s taken graphic images of dead children washing up on Turkish beaches for the world to really pay attention. The photos are disturbing, but it’s also disturbing that so many of us have largely ignored the Syrian crisis until we were confronted by heartbreaking images of suffering and death. [Read more...]