About John Shore

John Shore (who, fwiw, is straight) is the author of UNFAIR: Christians and the LGBT Question, and three other great books. He is founder of Unfundamentalist Christians (on Facebook here), and executive editor of the Unfundamentalist Christians group blog.  (In total John's two blogs receive some 250,000 views per month.) John is also co-founder of The NALT Christians Project, which was written about by TIME,  The Washington Post, and others. His website is JohnShore.com. John is a pastor ordained by The Progressive Christian Alliance. You're invited to like John's Facebook page. And don't forget to sign up for his mucho awesome monthly newsletter.

Stupid Religion


From pastor Steve Schmidt: “Any so-called religion that does not result in a growing relationship with the Living God is a fake. Any religion that does not transform you to treat other people around you in a better, more loving way is garbage.” [Read more...]

Do these jokes make me look fat?


She suffers from a warped body image—and invites you to laugh at that. [Read more...]

Left Behind (for being gay)

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 1.38.38 PM

A woman’s childhood fears return, big time. [Read more...]

From the Christian mother of a transgender teen


Thank you, beyond words, to all the Christians out there who know the difference between God’s love and man’s hate. [Read more...]

Church Beyond Church


The other day a fellow left this question in the private message area of the UC Facebook page: I am recently in the process of leaving an evangelical church. Any pointers? Any resources regarding being a Christian without a church would be great. Christy Caine, UC’s director of social media, wrote him an answer. First [Read More...]

Is “So don’t be gay” missing from my Bible’s translation of the Sodom and Gomorrah story?


I certainly have a bad Bible translation. What else could possibly explain how any rational person could ever conclude that the point of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is to show that homosexuality is immoral? [Read more...]

A queer feminist Muslim you should meet


The below originally appeared on Aaminah Khan‘s terrific blog, Days Like Crazy Paving, where it was illustrated with the picture above and titled Muslim, queer, feminist: it’s as complicated as it sounds. I wanted to share it here (which I do with Aaminah’s permission) because I think it so perfectly illustrates the truth that we are all sailing in [Read More...]

All we rogues together


It’s a beautiful thing when all we rogues, with our heads bowed low, together connect with something bigger, even, than us. [Read more...]