Rethinking the Phrase “God Allows” In Response to Evil

God allows, in regards to evil and suffering, is a terrible theo(il)logical phrase. [Read more…]

Miracles Do Occur

There is an old, old story told of a woman named Tabitha. It doesn’t have the best of beginnings: She dies! [Read more…]

Can Christians Support the Death Penalty?

The answer to the question posed in the title of this post is no. A resounding, definitive, absolute no. [Read more…]

Why I Stopped Reading Self-Help Books

In the most Freudian tradition, it began with my Dad. [Read more…]

From Protester to Peacemaker: A Day in the Life of a (Former) Sidewalk Counselor

I knew what abortion was. More than a few people had tried to convince me to have one when I got pregnant at sixteen. I knew what it was. But I didn’t KNOW what it was. [Read more…]

We’re Not The First

It’s a rough time to work for the church and her people. [Read more…]

The Spirituality of Bass Fishing

Bass fishing has given me a new enthusiasm for life, and a new enthusiasm to love more inclusively and passionately. [Read more…]

For God So Loved the Whole World: Confessions of a green, liberal, Christian tree hugger 

“That sounds like the ‘Green’ movement!” one of them said accusingly, as if “Green” were a four letter word. [Read more…]