Why biblical inerrancy simply makes no sense

The reason biblical inerrancy simply makes no sense is this: It’s simply not true to human and universal reality. [Read more…]

The Holy Spirit is not a Male, Conservative Evangelical

I happened to stumble upon the website of my former conservative evangelical church, and I even listened to the senior pastor’s most recent sermon about the Holy Spirit. [Read more…]

Not Homeless Enough

Last month an article popped up on my newsfeed declaring that homelessness is on the decline! Waking up to my coffee in my warm suburban home, I felt the waves of relief washing over me. [Read more…]

An Open Letter to Christian Business Owners

I don’t usually do open letters (it’s against my policy), but today I feel compelled to make an exception. I’m writing to you because I’m genuinely concerned and confused about your objections to serving LGBT folks. [Read more…]

Lessons from Jesus on how to apply scripture (part 2)

What guided Jesus’s process of sorting through the inconsistencies, contradictions, different perspectives, and theological views in his Hebrew traditions and scriptures to discover and discern God’s will for his life and for the world? [Read more…]

Breaking: A Poem

This poem emerged as I thought about news stories and headlines I encountered last week (April 3-9, 2016). Many other headlines also appeared during the week, but those referenced in the poem capture my ambivalence and worry about how we imagine and talk about life today. [Read more…]

The Freedom to Think

Great thinkers, across the centuries, have always used inquiry to understand the world. It doesn’t mean that nothing can be believed, but it does mean that skepticism and doubt are human inclinations that lead us toward growth. [Read more…]

When I Was New to Homophobia

I was born and grew up in Europe. Now, in April 2016, I have been in this country for nearly seven months. During this time at least two people who identified somewhere on the LGBT spectrum were killed in hate crimes in the United States. [Read more…]