Small Comfort


A very good and sweet friend sent me the 33-minute video below, and asked my opinion of it. In its first five minutes, a man named Ray Comfort says that he’s a Jew, and starts interviewing people about Hitler and the Holocaust. My friend knows that I am an (actual) Jewish writer with a strong interest [Read More...]

Making sense of … well, God destroying the world


The Bible tells us that one day God will destroy the world. Or does it? [Read more...]

“I lived 30 years alone”: A Christian lesbian grandmother tells her story

“I am a 72-year-old Christian mother and grandmother. I had a wonderful career as a teacher for every age, from pre-school through college. I served as a member of our church council, as a Sunday school teacher, as a Vacation Bible School superintendent, and I have been on mission trips to every continent. My hobbies are studying, reading, travel, genealogy, gardening, and dogs. I am a lesbian.” [Read more...]

To Pro-Lifers Who Believe Adoption is Always the Answer


These matters are never simple, never cut-and-dried. You cannot, you must not, ever assume that you understand more than you could possibly know. The only person in a position to understand everything about a pregnancy is the woman who is pregnant. So it must be she who has the final say about that pregnancy. [Read more...]

What Non-Christians Want Christians To Hear


By way of researching my book I’m OK – You’re Not: The Message We’re Sending Nonbelievers and Why We Should Stop, I posted a notice on Craigslist sites all over the country asking non-Christians to send me any short, personal statement they would like Christians to read. [Read more...]

The Spirit vs. the Letter: Biblicalism and Conscience


Imagine a contentious public issue, rending not only America, but American Christendom, in two. In this battle are two sides: one which maintains and asserts a literal, straightforward reading of the Bible to maintain its position, the other which argues that its side is supported by the spirit, even if sometimes not the letter, of [Read More...]

An Open Letter to Pro-Lifers


I could tell you I was raped. (I wasn’t.) I could tell you I am a victim of incest. (I’m not.) I could tell you my life would be in danger if I got pregnant. (Partly true, but for this discussion, let’s say not.) I could tell you I’m mentally challenged or ill. (I don’t [Read More...]

The Ultimate Hat-Trick of God in Four Sentences


The idea that God is the ultimate hat-trick—that he is, at once, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—is something that has always confused and challenged … well, anyone with a normal, binary-style brain. But we have only to look at the opening of the New Testament’s Book of John to learn all that we could want [Read More...]