For Those Who Are Not Ok

This guest post was written by Holly Love. Well. Donald Trump has been elected the next president of the United States. How is that sitting with you today? I teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at an “inner city” elementary school in Atlanta. All but one of my 45 students are Latino, primarily 2nd generation Mexican-Americans. And this week has been, by far, the worst since I began teaching seven years ago.... Read more

Trumpeting the Call: What lies ahead for this “great, Christian” nation?

“Make America Great Again.” We all know the line. And we all know who coined it. But what does it mean? More specifically, what does it mean according to Evangelical Christianity, considering it is they who had the biggest hand in electing Mr. Trump as our next President? Well, I guess over the next 4 years at least, we are going to find out. We will find out if the United States of America focuses on what are considered traditionally... Read more

How Can You Be Christian and Vote for a Pro-Choice Candidate?

This post was written by one of the administrators of our Facebook Page. We’re often asked how people can be Christian and vote for a pro-choice candidate. In answering that question, these are some important points to consider: How likely is it that Roe vs. Wade will ever be overturned? Chief Justice John Roberts, who is conservative, believes that Roe is a settled matter. It seems to most reasonable people that appointees to the court should be non-partisan. They should... Read more

Thou Shalt Desire: A Primer on the Mimetic Theory of René Girard

Titian (1542 – 1544), Cain and Abel, via Wikimedia, Public Domain In this article, I am delivering on the promise I made in my previous entry that I would explore the mimetic theory of René Girard. The reason I’m doing this is simple: Girard’s theory is paramount in addressing the violence that grips our world and, at a time such as this–when bombs and bullets have become the paradoxical default answers for solving the problem of... Read more

Relig-ish: Soulful Living in a Spiritual-But-Not-Religious World

According to data from the Pew Research Center, Americans are becoming less religious, but, simultaneously, more spiritual. Often described as “nones,” these individuals have rejected the trappings of institutional religion, yet still feel “a deep sense of spiritual peace and well-being as well as a deep sense of wonder about the universe.” But, as so many people resoundingly reject the hypocrisy, hate, homophobia, and misogyny of the Christian church, they also often leave behind the spiritually nurturing aspects of religious... Read more

Things We Don’t Talk About: DAPL and the Doctrine of Discovery

This guest post was written by Christina Krost. I recently heard Mark Charles, a Navajo speaker, writer, and advocate, give a lecture on the Doctrine of Discovery. The Doctrine of Discovery was when the Church in Europe, through a series of Papal Bulls from 1452-1493, instructed the nations of Europe to go and conquer lands and people not ruled by Christian rulers. These indigenous people were considered less than human, and their sacred lands were for the taking. This attitude... Read more

No, We Are NOT Marcionites

The charge of Marcionism is often leveled toward anyone who says that “God is just like Jesus,” who rejects the violence depicted in the Old Testament, and who insists that Christianity is centered on the ideas of peace and reconciliation. This accusation is a form of the straw man logical fallacy, in which someone’s position is misrepresented in order to make it easier to attack and refute. To understand why the charge of Marcionism is fallacious, let’s begin by taking... Read more

I’ve Decided to Leave Church

This guest post was written by Alex Camire. I don’t know how else to tell everyone this, so I’ll just come out and say it: I’ve decided to leave church. I should probably preface this by telling you a few things about me. For starters, I’m nearly twenty-eight-years-old and I’ve gone to the same church my entire life. I grew up in church–my parents met, married, and I, in turn, was born and raised going to church. Church, Christianity, the... Read more

How Does Identifying with the Kingdom of God Affect Our Political Participation?

This guest post was written by Tim Chastain. This is not a partisan political article; it promotes no political party and no candidate at any level. Rather, it raises the question of how our being part of the kingdom of God influences our voting and political participation and whether being part of the kingdom of God should even matter in our positions on political issues. It is about five weeks until the polls close on the the national, state, and... Read more

Is every Christian against gay marriage necessarily a bigot?

The call of today’s anti-gay Christians is, “Stop calling us bigots, everyone! Just because we believe what the Bible says about homosexuality doesn’t make us bigots!” So, let’s think about that. Pertinent question #1: When, if ever, does the anti-gay Christian irrefutably become a bigot? Answer? The moment that he or she does anything whatsoever to restrict the rights of any other person, based upon the fact that that person is gay. It is not beliefs that make a bigot. It is actions.... Read more
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