‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all Christendom Sat hoping and waiting for Santa to come. Read more

Seeing all the violence in Aleppo and other places, I fear that Advent may bleed over into Christmas this year, and I do mean bleed. As we arrive at this Fourth Sunday of Advent, the Sunday when we light the candle of love, I am haunted… Read more

truth / the setting-free kind if you know it / you should speak it Read more

I believe that everyone will somehow, someway, someday be changed into a compassionate, loving person. Read more

The question we’re asked most frequently is How can I find an Unfundamentalist Church? Read more

While searching a closet for Christmas decorations the other day, I pulled out a dusty wooden box, the shipping crate kind that has a lid. Read more

It’s hard for me to go to church these days. Read more

If you are saying those words in English, living in present-day America, then you are uttering either an obfuscation or an outright lie. Because the Bible doesn’t clearly say much of anything. Read more

Randal Rauser’s and Justin Schieber’s new book, An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar, is a welcome entry into the field of Christian/Atheist dialog. Read more

Reading this text after scrolling through my newsfeed’s local and global headlines of ongoing incidents of distrust, rage, and violence, I wonder: how does this zootopia the ancient book of Isaiah describes work anyway? Read more

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