Why would Catholics and Protestants argue over this?


Any discussion of Catholic and Protestant relations usually ends up focusing on a short list of issues: the Pope, Mary, justification, and, of course, purgatory. [Read more...]

I’m Christian, gay, and too angry to even read the Bible anymore


Got this letter in. My answer follows it: [Read more...]

When Jesus and Satan shared a name


What is a villain without a name? [Read more...]

Five reasons why “God works out all things for those who love him” is awful advice


Five ways that what’s often meant as a Christian encouragement is anything but. [Read more...]

Christians: Would you hang in your house this pro-Islam painting by Muhammad Ali?


Is it wrong for a Christian to hang in his house a painting celebrating Islam? [Read more...]

Pastor: “He should have killed you. At least you’d have died a virgin.”


If you are a pastor who believes that women were made by God to love but be inferior to men, either change before you, or hope God has mercy on your stupid, arrogant soul. [Read more...]

A Bible-based “hotline” that’s no help at all.


Offering up excised Bible verses as emotional panaceas for real emotional problems is spiritually, psychologically and even physically dangerous. It’s sad that so many Christians keep doing it anyway. [Read more...]

In landmark move, Methodist bishop defies church law and colleagues to marry gay couple

bobby and joe

The Methodist Council of Bishops told Bishop Melvin G. Talbert that he must not marry a gay couple. But Bishop Talbert is taking his orders from a higher authority. [Read more...]