Don’t Cry for Me Argentina Pants


Taking out the old and bringing in the new. [Read more...]

Something needs to change here


Over on the Unfundamentalist Christians Facebook page, a student at Wheaton College shared with us the above photo of a sheet of paper he found stapled to a campus bulletin board. What’s typed on the paper is below. [Read more...]

If you take Paul “literally” on homosexuality take Jesus literally on money

Girl blinded by greed, money, profit

The reason anti-gay Christians invariably give for their conviction that homosexuality is an egregious sin against God is, “That’s what the Bible says.”* [Read more...]

Burned out (by God?)


While walking with my wife Wendy the other night, our conversation took an interesting turn. She has been reading Patti Smith’s memoir, Just Kids, and told me about how, in the early 70s, Smith and artist Robert Mapplethorpe would spend long evenings at Max’s Kansas City hoping to connect with Andy Warhol. For some reason, [Read More...]

You know how sometimes


You know how sometimes people in our lives with whom we’re not terribly close, (which includes nearly everyone) like work colleagues for instance, will, quite inadvertently, say or do something that must obviously be a personal trigger instantly teleporting you back across time and space into that room you’ve been running from and trapped in [Read More...]

Is “Biblical Truth” all that matters?

Claiming that the Bible functions as the very foundation of truth — the “source of wisdom” — is nothing less than bibliolatry. [Read more...]

To oppose a negative is a positive


A question we are sometimes asked is: “Why the name Unfundamentalist Christians? Wouldn’t it be better to define yourself by what you’re for, rather than what you’re against?” [Read more...]

Young Earth Creationists make their point

Here, speaking for themselves via their reaction to our previous blog post, are some of the Young Earth Creationists who seek to dictate public school curriculum. [Read more...]