Seven ways Christians fail to be Christian


These are the seven ways that Christians most often fail to be Christian. [Read more...]

Are not the Bible’s “laws” on homosexuality unbiblical?


It is time for the condemnation of gay people to be understood by all Christians as an egregious moral affront to God, since it is in such clear violation of what Jesus Christ himself called the most important law of all. [Read more...]

The American Family Association and the KKK


The American Family Association has every right to continue spewing its message. But it’s time to stop pretending that message is one of anything but hatred. [Read more...]

Christian “politicians” and the end of time


Religious far-right Christian “politicians” just might create for us all something of the terrible end for which they so zealously hope. [Read more...]

To a Gay Anti-Christian Activist Who Suddenly Converted


A gay, anti-Christian activist friend of mine was terribly surprised to find himself becoming (of all things!) a Christian. [Read more...]

My Tattooed Teenager


Letting her get a tattoo was a way to give her back control of her body … and, it turns out, a way to give me a chance to hold her hand. [Read more...]

Christians opposing the shameful “Values Voter Summit”


Here’s a snapshot of the speakers at yesterday’s NALT Christians press conference, held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., as a “prebuttal” to the shameful (and for some reason illiterately named) Values Voter Summit, which starts today. From left to right are: [Read more...]

The Christian right and pornographers: brothers in arms


What is the true taproot of anti-gay Christianity? Underneath all of their posturing and hyperbole—even underneath their belief that they are only being true to the Bible—what core conviction is really informing the Christian right’s condemnation of homosexuality? [Read more...]