Review: “The Showings of Julian of Norwich”

The Showings of Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich freaks me out. Are her writings actual supernatural revelations from God as conveyed to a 14th-century English woman? Or merely fever-induced hallucinations that should be set aside in favor of a safer orthodoxy? Reading Julian and pondering these possibilities leaves me with a sense of unease and exhilaration not far removed from [Read More...]

Islam demystified

Wish you knew more about Islam? Here’s a wonderful place to start. [Read more...]

Pastor Jack of Omak takes no flack


Here’s to you, Pastor Jack. May your table always be full, and the love you show others returned to you tenfold. [Read more...]

Keep the X in Xmas


The Greek letter X has been used as a substitute for the name of Christ since Christians started writing the texts of the Bible. It’s an expedient shortcut devoid of ill intent and in line with a long tradition of Christian scribal practice. [Read more...]

The “War on Christmas” from a retailer’s point of view

A retailer chimes in on the “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays” debate–and hits just the right note. [Read more...]

Review: “The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World”


In the West, Islam is popularly depicted as a religion rooted in hate and violence, as a belief system inherently antagonistic towards other religions — particularly Christianity — and as synonymous with terrorism and totalitarian theocratic rule. But there is another face of Islam, a face that garners little attention on the evening news and [Read More...]

The American Family Association wants Christians to boycott Radio Shack. But WWJD?


The American Family Association has called for Christians to boycott Radio Shack. You know: the way Jesus would have. [Read more...]

The Methodists, slavery, and homosexuality: is history repeating itself?

To understand and experience the living reality of the Bible, Methodists rely on the “Wesleyan Quadrilateral” of scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. Three of those have already failed as a Biblical basis for condemning homosexuality. [Read more...]