“This is why I don’t believe in God”

“Gina” is a 3-minute documentary film made by Loading Docs about a woman with a connective tissue disorder that has left her unable to talk, deteriorated her muscles, and causes light and sound to further damage her body. She is bed-bound and endures ongoing and excruciating pain. The film makes the case for voluntary euthanasia. [Read More…]

Encountering Christ on Death Row

Few in society are more unloved and more outcast than those who are in prison — especially those who are on death row. [Read more…]

It’s Time to Give the Gospel of Thomas Its Due

The spiritual wisdom to be found in the Gospel of Thomas just may be the kind of spiritual wisdom contemporary Christians most need. [Read more…]

Making Room for the Celibate and Gay

When it comes to facing down the shrill imprecations of televangelists and street protesters, or the assignment of blame for earthquakes and other disasters, there’s hardly a more longsuffering group of people in America than gays and lesbians. But even some of the staunchest opponents of same-sex relationships have begun to acknowledge that their churches may have room for celibate gays and lesbians. It’s a unique historical development and one that presents the gay community with an important choice—but maybe not the most obvious one. [Read more…]

God Our Mother

I am becoming increasingly aware of the limitations of language when we talk about God. It has many forms, but usually sounds something like this: “Dear Heavenly Father.” I’ve often used this phrase to talk to and about God. It’s not wrong, per se, but I recognize the limiting and biased nature of it. This is the language that I have inherited through repetition and tradition. But how would others look at me if I prayed, “Dear Heavenly Mother?” [Read more…]

I Would Have Defended My Abuser, Too

Last week, I learned that the Duggar family will be participating in a documentary on child sex abuse in conjunction with Darkness to Light and Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN). [Read more…]

Are Atheists Just Rebelling Against God?

We’re all familiar with the atheist caricature: that rude and crude purveyor of mockery and disdain for everything religious. [Read more…]

The Paranormal Conspiracy: The Truth about Ghosts, Aliens and Mysterious Beings

I’m a skeptic. Perhaps not quite skeptical enough for my atheist friends, but nevertheless I’m extremely dubious about claims of paranormal and supernatural experience. The Ouija board doesn’t work for me, I’ve never seen a UFO, and though I go hiking in the mountains almost every weekend, I’ve never run across Bigfoot. Bears: yes. Bigfoot: no. [Read more…]