Candomble and Umbanda Declared Not Religions by Brazilian Judge!

According to a decision by a Brazilian judge on April 28, 2014, Candomble and Umbanda are not to be legally considered religions in Brazil anymore. We have entered the 21st century, but prejudice and oppression are as alive as they ever were. [Read more...]

My Rituals Got Referred To As “Wicca-Themed” and I’m Not Happy

Today I got a mention by another Voodoo author on their blog and it’s all I can do not to write a rant. As far as I am concerned I think he was incorrect in his description of my rituals as “wicca-themed.” They could have been called lusty, insane, or bizarre and that would have been a more fitting description. [Read more...]

Raise A Glass To My Friends…A Memorial Poem

The Pagan community lost another leader yesterday with the passing of Morning Glory Zell. She was a glorious visionary and a friend. I planted Morning Glories today in honor of her. [Read more...]

Wild Wise Women of Science Fiction: Guinan

One of the things we see most often, especially in the Science fiction of the last 50 years is a predominance of powerful women. The Sci-Fi ‘verse is one of those unique domains where women fortunately rule the roost. There are wise hostesses like Guinan, sacred and sensual companions like Inara and Number 6, and tough and ballsy captains like Ripley and Janeway. [Read more...]

Divination Space Station: Taylor Ellwood

Today I am honored to profile author Taylor Ellwood. We recently reviewed his book Manifesting Wealth: Magic for Prosperity, Love and Health here on the blog and now we are pleased to offer his insight about divination. [Read more...]

VooDoo Mama Drink Recipe

There is nothing new about spirits for the spirit. The following uses traditional Voodoo flavors and liquors to make a drink fit for all the Voodoo Mamas out there, and maybe some big bad Voodoo Dads too. [Read more...]

Torch to Light the Way in Nigeria #BringBackOurGirls

Nigerians have been demanding justice for some time now. The call to action has gone out to help support the young Nigerian girls who have been abducted. Even the first lady Michele Obama tweeted a pic and the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls yesterday. [Read more...]