Video: Witchcraft & Voodoo Episode 7 Divination

We talk Tarot, Geomancy, Numerology, Pendulums, Coffee and Tea leaf reading, trance possession, mediumship, and more. Read more

Voodoo Blessings On St. John’s Eve

The real New Orleans Voodoo holiday is St. John’s Eve. Revered and celebrated by the great Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau herself, it has long held some serious magick Read more

Festival Fancy 2016 : Goin’ Down The Road….

So dye your hair, fluff up your tutu, patch up your tent, and get ready to rock. Festivals are a chance to get with kindred spirits, both old and new. Read more

Video: Witchcraft & Voodoo Episode 6 Deities, Orisha, Loa 2

Get ready for another fabuous episode of Witchcraft & Voodoo. This time around my co-presenter Sable Aradia and I discuss the further intricacies of Deities, Orisha, and Loa in our respective traditions. Read more

Herbal Magick: Daisy

Daisies are one of the most commonly used plants for magick. They are simple, classic, and very hardy. Even young children know that legend says they can help you discover your true love. Read more

Book Review: Totem Animals

The subtitle of this book is the “only book you will ever need.” While I recommend this book for those looking to learn more about the concept of Totems, I still feel like this book could have included a bit more. Read more

Divination Space Station: Theitic

Divination is a very personal art. It is best to learn as much as you can about various forms of divination before you choose your primary method. Read more

Video: Voodoo Spiritual Temple Benefit Concert

Benefit for the Voodoo Spiritual Temple- highlights shown in this video were performances by Priestess Miriam, the Voodoo Spiritual Temple Drummers and Big Chief Sunpie Barnes. Read more

Poem : Maman Brigitte Opens Wide

There is much to be seen in the magick, When your ancestors bleed black and blue. Read more

Video: Witchcraft & Voodoo Episode 5- Deities, Loa, Orisha

The concept of deity is a both a personal and a public thing. In the worlds of Witchcraft and Voodoo the notion of deity can be even more complex. Read more

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