Most of the time women’s history takes a back seat in the literature, this is the case with the legendary Queen Nanny. Known also as Nanny of the Maroons,  this woman was a powerful leader, and a force to be reckoned with. There are many differing reports of Nanny’s life. Some recount that she was an escaped slave, some say she may have had slaves of her own. It is irrefutable however that she was a hero of Jamaica who… Read more

But then the pantheon of Lwa are numerous, almost too numerous to list. The same is true for the Orisha in the Lucumi faith. Read more

It has always been a mission of mine both personally, and here on this blog to do whatever I can to support Haiti, including traditional Haitian arts, culture, and spirituality. Read more

Many associate pomegranates with the Goddess Persephone and her tale of the underworld. Read more

Fire magick is everything we want and need it to be. It is powerful, trans-formative, and life sustaining. Calling a back to a time of primal power it still finds its rightful place in the elemental magicks of today. Read more

Yesterday, The Wild Hunt ran a story about allegations of sexual abuse against Issac Bonewits, author, founder of ADF, and pioneer of Neo-Paganism. Read more

This past week saw the passing of three powerful foremothers Emerante de Pradines, Rachel Beauvoir Dominique, and Nema. They worked tirelessly, loved enthusiastically, and their legacy will live on. Read more

Last year I was excited to review the latest work from Skye Alexander, The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot to see what mysteries it might hold. Read more

Turquoise is a wonderful crystal to use for love. It gives healing, joy, luck, and longevity. Turquoise is prized in many cultures: Native American, Egyptian, and more. Read more

As happens every year, the 2018 reading of the year for Cuba and the rest of the world has been cast this morning. In it we find the ruling Orisha for the year, along with additional advice and prohibitions to ensure success in the months to come. Read more

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