Magickal Ireland : As Above , So Below at IMMA

Dublin’s As Above, So Below exhibit at the Irish Museum of Modern Art is a must see for anyone interested in the intersections between art and spirituality. [Read more…]

Magickal Ireland : A Fairy Tree

Magickal Ireland is full of things people have heard of all their lives, if you’re lucky you may see a fairy or a leprechauns. [Read more…]

After-Life Alert : 5 Ways to Communicate with the Dead

Like any good Sci-Fi fan, I am a big lover of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Their recent return with the bit about After-Life Alert has got me thinking. [Read more…]

Magickal Ireland : The Hag’s Bed Tomb

You never know where I’ll turn up, this week it’s in magickal Ireland. Home of fairies and legends, kings and craic, Ireland does not disappoint. [Read more…]

Herbal Magick: Gardenia

Gardenia is a tiny magickal flower that packs a huge punch. These small white blossoms are said to symbolize love, devotion, purity, and spiritual connection. In the Victorian language of flowers they were representative of a secret love. If you were surprised by one of these on your door you knew a secret admirer had [Read More…]

Tricks , Tarot, and Treats for April Fools Day

April 1st is the day reserved for April Fools Day. For a long time it has been a celebration of tricks and foolishness. [Read more…]

Tarot Love Magick : Using Your Cards to Attract the Best Love

If I’m doing a lovers tarot reading there are certainly cards that can show up that mean the relationship is destined for better things. Some of these tarot love cards are the Lovers, the 2 of Cups, and the 10 of cups. [Read more…]

Love Crystals: Malachite

When choosing love crystals consider Malachite, it will help you attract and prepare for your true love. [Read more…]

St. Joseph’s Day Recipes and Rites

St. Joseph’s Day is March 19, a day filled with recipes and rites. In reality it is a feast for a famine. In New Orleans it is one of the most celebrated days of the year. Mardi Gras Indians take to the streets dressed in their most impressive finery. The city also has it’s own [Read More…]

Sacred Snakes + St. Patrick : The Voodoo Connection

Not many people know about the Voodoo loa Damballa, sacred snake, father, creator, and wise man in white who is often depicted as St. Patrick. [Read more…]