Feeling Your Feelings

I think as spiritual people, we aspire to be saints. We sometimes think that we should be able to be calm and peaceful at all times and do everything right.  Or at least, we really want to be able to.

I get frustrated with myself sometimes when I am not able to always be sattvic and serene. I have this image of myself that I aspire to.

But sometimes that means when I’m upset about something or feeling some other negative emotion, I might try to push it aside. “Think positive,” I say. “Remember how much Shiva believes in you.”

I’ve come to think, though, that it’s good to let yourself feel what you are feeling.

The drama of the emotions goes on in the physical plane while your true self is just watching it play out. But it’s part of your role in the drama of life to experience some of those ups and downs. God created the world because he wanted to experience it all.

While it’s good to keep perspective on those highs and lows (and not expand it to think I’m always going to feel icky, life is always going to suck), I think it’s important to acknowledge when we’re feeling something we’d rather not. To watch it and to watch how it moves and grows in our minds. But also to remember that it is passing and a new emotion will come along shortly.

I struggle a lot with envy. I figure the first step to clearing that from my sanskara is to see it when it’s there, to watch it, and to talk gently to myself about it. I allow myself to feel what I’m feeling and I treat myself as I would a child who is struggling with a difficult emotion.

Maybe someday I will be all peace and light and joy, but part of clearing the grime away from my naturally radiant self is to see that it is there.

What do you do when you’re experiencing a negative emotion?

Wishing everyone who celebrates Valentine’s day a really happy one! I know mine is going to be wonderful. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow 😉

No matter what Hindu extremists say (yes, they do exist!) I love Valentine’s day. I find it full of hope and I’m very sorry to hear that there are people attacking couples for celebrating love.

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