Supernatural, the TV show

My friend and I recently started watching Supernatural, a show that we had somehow never heard of even though it began in 2005!

It starts out being about two brothers who hunt ghosts and monsters and the writing is excellent. We found it to be immediately very compelling. As it has gone on, it’s morphed into a larger plot and currently (up to where we have so far watched) the Christian Apocalypse is going on.

The episode we saw this week (Episode 19 in season 5: Hammer of the Gods) it seems like they realized that the Christian Gods and Angels is not the only belief system on earth and started wondering what the other Gods were doing while this was going on.

I appreciate that sentiment.

I was willing to just watch the show with its Christian perspective and leave it at that, but at first I was excited that they were bringing up other Gods. Maybe they should have just left it.

Kali and Ganesha are present in this episode.

The premise is that the other Gods in the world are annoyed at the arrogance of the Christian side that they seem to think the world is their’s to destroy whenever they want. So they get together to plan the destruction of Lucifer. (And by get together I mean we have Hindu Gods, Norse Gods, and at least one Roman God).

So far so good. Two problems I have:

The Gods trap a bunch of humans in the hotel where they are meeting to snack on. Apparently all “pagan” Gods like to eat human flesh. I could maybe see Kali participating in such a thing, but Ganesha? Really? No way.

The bigger problem is that the show clearly favors Christianity and the way the episode plays out, it becomes clear that they believe the Christian God is stronger than the other Gods. Lucifer shows up and just straight up kills Ganesha without even having to break his stride. An angel who is stronger than a God? I don’t think so.

Nice try, Supernatural, but next time you want to try to show diversity, just don’t. You’re narrow-minded and I understand that about you, so just leave it be.


I’m not the only one who was upset by this:

I want to know what the casting call for this looked like! “We’ve never had an Indian on our show, but we need a girl to play Kali. You interested?”

"independent girls,aunties,models at bangalore in"

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  • Angelo Thomas Joseph Marsico

    Supernatural blatantly shows the true god is the Catholic god which is the only true way to Christ, it favors catholism in every way, the use of holy water, rosaries, the Latin exorcism, and the demons fear of crucifixes not plain crosses, and the fact that lucifer bashed in those pagans is exactly right because there are no pagan gods just demons calling themselves pagan an archangels of course woul destroy them, look up the writers they say themselves the Catholic Church snd it’s tools are the winchesters most powerful and recommended lessons, before you say they said they aren’t catholic in that one episode that was because they were getting complaints from crazy bible thumper Protestants the show would not make it without catholic doctrine

    • Ambaa

      Yeah, it’s true. There is definitely a Catholic mythos to it. Which could also be because Catholics have a much richer imagination and mythology. Protestants are more known for bare, austere worship so there isn’t as rich a ground for demons, exorcism, etc.

      • Angelo Thomas Joseph Marsico

        That’s the one thing wrong with the show but I still do love it, I am actually part of a Roman Catholic exorcist team during exorcism, not anyone can exorcise a demon only a ordained catholic priest and also only a priest can make holy water, but other than that the show blatantly shows the CATHOLICS are right

        • Ambaa

          Too bad its just a fictional TV show and doesn’t prove anything at all.

  • Angelo Thomas Joseph Marsico

    Just look at the Winchester journal everything in there is catholic, even the book on the symbols and meanings shows all catholic rituals

  • Angelo Thomas Joseph Marsico

    Whys we’re you upset with this episode, as a real hunter, not monsters or anything but working with real life exorcisms I can tell you all of those pagans are just demons in real life, it might really upset you to know that both Jensen and Jared are catholic and republican they stand up against everything that fandom creats Jensen is openly opposed to homosexuals

    • Ambaa

      Yes, they are Catholic and they should probably stick with plotlines that are connected to that. They have no business writing plots about religions that they don’t know a single thing about and bringing all the racism and prejudice into it. The show is great when it’s not doing that!

      • Angelo Thomas Joseph Marsico

        The snowbound be so much better if they stick to the Catholic ways, I mean they use rosaries and crucifixes holy water even the Catholic rite of exorcism the show Shia the power of the Catholic church over evil

  • You see, I don’t watch TV. I haven’t even had a TV since 2000, though I do watch online The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, only. When these shows end, no more. It arose out of an attraction to living forever, seeing the rise and fall of civilizations, etc., nothing to do with the so-called battle of good and evil.

    Supernaturals is one show I will never watch. Now that I’ve read here what this show is about, never mind… I am TIRED of the air of arrogance Christians push forth to the world around them.

  • human2011

    Kali is a vegetarian , by the way.
    I am surprised you didnt know that!