Why Do I Blog?

I wonder sometimes what it is that compels me to put my thoughts and feelings as I experience life up on the Internet for anyone to read. My blog is not a news blog, it’s not an advice blog, it’s not even a philosophy blog. I don’t know what the purpose of my musing is. I think it is just to connect with other people.

At a fairly young age I discovered that I don’t communicate well in person. I struggle with face to face communication, but I shine when it comes to writing. I’ve had some of the most important conversations in my life over email. Writing is how I connect with others. (Turns out, there might actually be a reason for that. I’m incredibly luck y and grateful that I do have the ability to speak.) Though my in-person social skills have improved dramatically since I started really working on it in college, writing is still a lot easier for me.

I also wonder about how my experiences are different or the same as other people’s. Is how I view something average or really off the wall? I suspect that a lot of the time it’s off the wall and no one knows what to make of me! I see bloggers who write posts that really connect with people and it sizzles. It goes viral. Everyone relates to it and says “Finally, someone put what I’ve been feeling into words.” I would like to do that. But I don’t think the way I look at things is a way that a lot of other people connect to! So it would seem from four years of blogging 🙂

I’m following such an unusual path through life that a blog is a nice way to find that I’m not alone in my journey to discover my true Self. Just having the handful of people who write to me and tell me that they are also non-Indian practicers of Hinduism gives me that warm sense of community. We can help each other with the questions and concerns that are unique to our situation. Having native Hindus show support and encouragement is awesome too!

I come here to share my thoughts and experiences. It’s not prescriptive; it’s not to say that you should be like me at all! I follow what seems right to me and I tell you about it. I hope that there is some value in me sharing my journey. I’m not doing it perfectly. I’m making mistakes. I’m still struggling with issues like culture and racial identity. It’s not a bad thing that I’m still working on these issues. It’s a natural part of the journey I’m on in life.  To me the path is much more interesting than the end, and I hope you think so too!

I wonder about the big questions. I’ve always been very in my head. I disappear into my head and think about things. Even as a child, I was always consumed with thoughts about eternity, death, the purpose of life. Being able to talk about those questions with you helps me untangle them and see new sides to them. I’m not as interested in finding answers as I am in finding new questions and new layers to these age-old concerns. I like to ask questions and see the amazing variety of beliefs and responses that we have. Human beings are wonderfully diverse!

I know what I get out of blogging. I know that it makes me feel connected to my fellow human beings in a way that I have trouble getting in face to face life. Not sure what you get out of my blog, but I sure am glad that you’re here!

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