What is the Purpose of Life?

What is the Purpose of Life? June 6, 2013

Ever since human beings had conscious awareness of themselves, they have wondered what purpose brought them into being. Why does life exist? What is the meaning of our lives? What are we in existence to accomplish?

There have been many potential answers ranging from 42 to it’s all random and consciousness is just a development of nature.

  • Perhaps our purpose is to procreate and pass on our genes/assure the survival of our species
  • Perhaps our purpose is to praise and worship God
  • Perhaps our purpose is to build great things
  • Perhaps our purpose is to improve the world

As a Hindu, I believe that we have conscious awareness for a reason.

It is said that human beings are the only embodiment that has the ability for self awareness and that is necessary for enlightenment.

So what is enlightenment?

I talk about it like it’s something to achieve, something to reach out and grab, but in reality it’s just a change of perspective. And when I put it that way it sounds like it should be easy! 🙂

I think our reason for being here is to enjoy the play of the drama around us. To watch it and have fun with it, but not take it too seriously. Behind it all, everything is a manifestation of the divine. Once we really truly internalize that, all the frustrations and disappointments melt away and we just become part of the cosmic dance of bliss.

So I feel like my job in this life is to work through my sanskara (karma), learn how not to gather more sanskaras, play my role in the drama, and practice seeing the whole world as a joyful fun family gathering.

What do you think the purpose of human life is?

There’s more interesting ruminating on this subject in this movie that I just watched at Netflix (link is to Amazon instant view video). It’s definitely worth watching. If you enjoyed What the Bleep Do We Know, you’ll love this one…

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  • I have thought about this for decades, and I came to the realization that it’s possible that we as gods created this world in the ex-mortal (spiritual) state before being born in this physical world for the first time.

    What if I’m the one who created all this for myself, or that you, I, and others worked together in the ex-mortal (spiritual state) to create this place, because as spirits, we had learned everything, experienced everything, and have been aware with no beginning and no end? We can’t “just simply be,” statically, with no movement. It seems like life on earth as a human is a way to temporarily forget all this knowledge and start over again, experiencing the joys of wonder, surprise, learning something knew, having new experiences, to create all that we have in many different civilizations through endlessly living lives, one after the other, as a way of “keeping us busy.” Perhaps there are people who won’t do the work towards moksha precisely because they want to keep getting these new experiences. It requires, though, some form of memory suppression or dampening during each lifetime; otherwise, what is the point if, at birth, you know what is going to happen next with ISIS’ attempt to install a medieval Caliphate, or you can speak over 100 languages without schooling? You might as well stay in the ex-mortal state and not deal with the rigors and pains of mortal life.

    • Ambaa

      Well put!