Soulmates: Is There Really Such A Thing?

Do you believe in soulmates?

This is a question that girls love to ask each other. Usually when they are between the ages of 12 and 22. The one person that you are meant to be with, the one that you will find because it is fate. What a romantic idea, right?

I think in America right now it is popular to be cynical. You don’t want to show your true feelings too much because it seems that people don’t respect fanciful or romantic ideas. You might feel foolish if you admit that you believe in a soulmate.

My ideas about soul mates have changed.

When I was growing up, I was told that there is not one particular person that is meant for you. There are billions of people in the world and many of them could be perfectly suitable marital matches. Love grows after marriage (I think the Indians in the audience will probably recognize that phrase!).  Love isn’t about rainbows and puppy dogs and feeling happy all the time. Love is work. Attach yourself to a good man and do that work.

Five years ago I would have told you that there was no such thing as soul mates. I would have said that you just need to find an acceptable match and then work at it.

Yet there have always been stories about “love matches.” Humans have been telling each other great love stories forever (love that develops both before marriage and after marriage). And, given reincarnation, it makes sense that there are other souls that we do encounter again and again.

I didn’t believe I had a soulmate until I met him.

Four days ago I married the man that I am certain was meant to come into my life, was meant to be my husband. It would be hard to imagine two more compatible people. It really does feel as though we were created for each other. We fit together so completely and so quickly that it felt as though we had known each other forever.

I think we have. I think we’ve traveled lifetimes together and will continue to do so. I believe our souls are linked and we will help each other progress towards the goal of life.

Not everyone gets to marry someone so perfect and I feel incredibly lucky and blessed. I was happy to pledge another seven lifetimes to Brad and I expect we’ll do the same in every lifetime after this one.

Does everyone have a soul mate?

I don’t know. We may have a soul mate who is not born to be our lover or spouse in this lifetime. Perhaps the person who we were married to in a previous life is now encarnated as a dear friend. I have friends who I think I’ve spent time with in previous lives too. Like my friend Sarah who has been my best friend since we were two months old. My mother says we showed a special connection with each other right from the start.

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  • Angela

    I found my soul mate unfortunately there are too many obstacles in our way. I can’t help but not understand why something this wonderful and strong isn’t worth fighting for? I would never give this feeling up for all costs of the earth but I guess love is patient and if it’s true we will find our souls again.
    My idea of a soul mate was everything I found in this person it was amazing just to be in each other’s presence we and the passion was so unbelievable. Sad that good things doing last some times. I have faith that we will cross paths again and finally complete each other