Purchase the Mahabharata Board Game!

The Mahabharata board game that I designed, Exile In The Forest, is completed and now for sale! (I first told you about this board game in this post)

I’m super pleased with how beautiful it came out. It’s an epic adventure game for people who know their way around dice combat. You can download the rulebook for free here (and also purchase the game): https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/exile-in-the-forest Scroll down for some videos to show you the components and how to play!

mahabharata board game
(dice not representative, you will get indented dice designed for the stickers)

mahabharata board game
mahabharata board game

mahabharata board game

An adventure game of ancient India set in the world of The Mahabharata

The five Pandava brothers are exiled to the forest for 12 years before they can claim the throne of Hastinapura. But there is no doubt their evil cousins will not relinquish it when they return and so those 12 years must be spent gathering allies and weapons to prepare for war.

You’ll be exploring a map, dealing with events as you move, and defending against attacks with lots of dice. There are four kingdoms whose allegiance you seek and you can do quests for each one of them as well as personal quests to improve yourself for the coming war.

Each player character can upgrade their number of attack and defense dice as they complete quests and survive events.

There are only twelve years to get prepared for the war.

This game is based on the longest story in the world and a pillar of Hinduism, The Mahabharata. The location of the ancient kingdom of Hastinapura and the battlefield of Kurukshetra can be visited today. Hindu children grow up on these stories. I’m happy to be able to share these stories in this way!

Here is an unboxing video of the Mahabharata board game:

And a how to play video:

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  • rummah

    Amazing. You should do one that uses miniature figures, such as 28mm. Those would look astonishing.

    • Ambaa Choate

      Yes! I would love to do that!

    • Hidimbi

      Oh my gosh, yes!!! But, how can she get these made? Something to do with 3D printers?

      • Ambaa

        My brother has a a 3d printer but I’m thinking heroforge.com

  • Hidimbi

    Does the game have a predetermined outcome or is it possible for players to deviate significantly from the actual events in the Mahabharata? I used to play D&D and I know, often, players choices took the game in directions completely unforeseen by the DM.

    Anyhow, my husband and I have a circle of Hindu Indian friends who were planning on either starting a D&D campaign with us or coming up with some other fun game night ideas with Clue and charades and such, maybe this game would be a contender.

    • Ambaa

      That sounds great! I think a group familiar with D&D would enjoy this game for sure.

      It isn’t a perfect recreation of the story but you also can’t deviate that far. Like it might be Arjuna who meets Hanuman on the road instead of Bhima and it might be Nakula who is challenged to learn the science of dice. The goal of the game is to get reputation for the four local kingdoms and there’s different ways to do that but the story itself doesn’t change that much.

      I’m making a few changes, like making the board static (the modular pieces fly around too much) so it is paused on sales for a day or two!

      • Hidimbi

        My husband and I are big Mahabharata nerds. We make clever(we think) Mahabharata references and analogies all the time but the wife of one my husband’s classmates in our group never learned much about the Mahabharata.

        …She did try to participate in one of our Mahabharata related group tangents once, by interjecting the only thing she remembered about it which was a very indecent joke about Draupadi and the Pandavas which she’d heard as a teenager in India. It wasn’t received well so now she covers her ears and hums loudly any time someone references Mahabharata, claiming it’s boring.

        I wonder if she would like the game or not, maybe it would finally make the Mahabharata less boring for her! …Or maybe that’s my own wishful thinking, lol.