I stumbled across a craft blog that has a ton of interesting and beautiful Hindu-based craft ideas! The first one I came to was a post on how to make faux marigolds. They look stunning and so realistic. I love how she shows a bunch of different ways to use them. I explored some more and found a lot of craft projects that I want to do. She has tons of wonderful ideas and now my mind is dancing with… Read more

It’s coming up on time to make New Year’s Resolutions. I love the opportunity for a fresh start and a renewal of enthusiasm. This year my resolution is to get as close to zero waste as I can. I am super enthusiastic to cut back on waste, especially food packaging waste. So here is an overview of where I’m at now and what I hope to accomplish in 2017. Zero waste is a lofty goal and I don’t expect to… Read more

The Mahabharata board game that I designed, Exile In The Forest, is completed and now for sale! (I first told you about this board game in this post) I’m super pleased with how beautiful it came out. It’s an epic adventure game for people who know their way around dice combat. You can download the rulebook for free here (and also purchase the game): https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/exile-in-the-forest Scroll down for some videos to show you the components and how to play! An adventure game… Read more

Spoiler alert: there isn’t a war on Christmas. Every December some people get very upset about those who wish them “happy holidays” instead of “merry Christmas.” To them it looks like they aren’t supposed to fully enjoy Christmas, that the “PC police” are out to get them, and/or that it’s bad to be a Christian these days. And that is not the intention of those wishing you a happy holiday. Despite my mixed feelings about Christmas, I have no problem… Read more

The people I know tend to be of the non-materialistic type who value experiences over stuff and see selfies as an example of narcissism. Sometimes we have a tendency to look down on people who have different interests than us and I see a lot of snobbish looking down on people who enjoy taking lots of pictures of themselves. I’ve seen a bunch of memes criticizing people who take selfies (presumably) instead of enjoying their surroundings. There was a video… Read more

Over on Facebook, Lorrie made a comment that got the gears in my head turning. (My husband will tell you I’m always plotting and planning something. I get an idea and then I jump in with both feet!). Anyway, Lorrie said that she has yet to find a home temple and a “temple buddy.” The experience has been so wonderful for me that I started wondering if I could somehow connect new Hindus with temple buddies. So I don’t know… Read more

I started watching a new Netflix show: a murder mystery, which are my favorite kind. But pretty soon it became clear that the answer to the mystery involved how doctors prescribe too many pills and pharma is evil and suddenly we’re all medicated into a zombie stupor and depressed people could use a nature walk. You might think that’s just one character in the show, but no, this theme appears with the threads of at least three or four characters…. Read more

Now that I finally have a temple home and a regular appointment there I’m breaking out my salwar kameez again. I’m having two problems with my suits, though. The first is that my bust size has grown from nursing and so all the ones I have are very tight in the chest. The second is that I can’t nurse in a kameez top. A sari, of course, always fits and I can nurse in, but that’s way too dressed up… Read more

Despite my decade of identifying as Hindu I still get very self conscious about showing up at a Hindu temple. I think many of you know what that’s like. In theory I know everything to do but I’m still so scared of doing things wrong, of having all eyes on me, etc. I’ve been wanting for a while to find someone to go with me and I wrote before about my Hindu cousin moving closer to the area. But she’s… Read more

Every year I never know quite how I’m going to feel about Christmas. Sometimes I’m bothered by its prevalence and how omnipresent Christianity is in America’s culture. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a big deal. This year I feel a little better about it because Diwali actually got some attention. There was a Diwali holiday stamp this year at the post office for the first time and the makeup company M.A.C. made a Diwali-themed makeup pallette. I wasn’t going to… Read more

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