I started watching a new Netflix show: a murder mystery, which are my favorite kind. But pretty soon it became clear that the answer to the mystery involved how doctors prescribe too many pills and pharma is evil and suddenly we’re all medicated into a zombie stupor and depressed people could use a nature walk. You might think that’s just one character in the show, but no, this theme appears with the threads of at least three or four characters…. Read more

Now that I finally have a temple home and a regular appointment there I’m breaking out my salwar kameez again. I’m having two problems with my suits, though. The first is that my bust size has grown from nursing and so all the ones I have are very tight in the chest. The second is that I can’t nurse in a kameez top. A sari, of course, always fits and I can nurse in, but that’s way too dressed up… Read more

Despite my decade of identifying as Hindu I still get very self conscious about showing up at a Hindu temple. I think many of you know what that’s like. In theory I know everything to do but I’m still so scared of doing things wrong, of having all eyes on me, etc. I’ve been wanting for a while to find someone to go with me and I wrote before about my Hindu cousin moving closer to the area. But she’s… Read more

Every year I never know quite how I’m going to feel about Christmas. Sometimes I’m bothered by its prevalence and how omnipresent Christianity is in America’s culture. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a big deal. This year I feel a little better about it because Diwali actually got some attention. There was a Diwali holiday stamp this year at the post office for the first time and the makeup company M.A.C. made a Diwali-themed makeup pallette. I wasn’t going to… Read more

The article I talked about earlier made me start thinking in a slightly new way. As people of all kinds are being more and more encouraged to express what they’re feeling we have several articles about how it can be distressing to see non-Indian people using symbols and accessories from Hindu and/or Indian culture. And that’s great. I want to hear what people are thinking and feeling. The issue I keep having with these articles is that they are very… Read more

A friend posted this link on Facebook to an article called “11 South Asian Accessories and What they Really Mean” by Aarti Olivia. It is an explanation of some of the most common culturally misappropriated aspects of Indian culture. And there’s still something missing in this conversation. It’s tricky because I don’t want to lessen the voice of a marginalized person. I don’t want to make it all about me. I don’t want to be “not all white people.” I don’t… Read more

I had the idea that I would like to bring Garrick Ravi to India to meet His Holiness. It would have been nice to do when the baby was super little but the timing is just not working out. I wanted to bring Brad for the first time. But it’s too expensive over Christmas, too short over spring break, too hot over summer. I thought summer would be good but His Holiness travels and my father couldn’t put it together…. Read more

You all know how much I love board games. When I discovered that there are contests for designing your own board game, I had to give it a try. A site called The Game Crafter is hosting a contest for an adventure game. I pondered that for a while and thought up all kinds of potential themes but nothing was inspiring me. Then suddenly I thought, why not go for something I’m really familiar with? The Mahabharata! The requirements included… Read more

I don’t know any lullabies and I don’t know many songs. I tried to learn some before my son was born but nothing really stuck. However, I have something just as good as a lullaby. My baby loves Sanskrit chants. I captured this video, though I’m sorry it’s dark and not always pointed in the right direction. But you can see the effect the Perfect Prayer has on Garrick Ravi. It works every time! My husband sings him the Gayatri… Read more

I hate to inflate the man’s ego, but the fact is Trump has God within him just as much as you and I do. If I were a good Hindu I would be able to see and respect God within his form. What really prevents me is that if I were to give him that respect, wouldn’t it be condoning the attitudes and behaviors of his that are deplorable and adharmic? There’s a phrase, hate the sin but love the… Read more

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