It never occurred to me to ask this question. As soon as I found that some cultures eat with their fingers instead of utensils I was thrilled and immediately stopped using utensils as much as possible! I’ve always loved eating with my hands for two reasons… One: Whatever the material of utensils, they interfere with the taste of the food. It adds metallic or plastic or wood taste to your food. I hate that! Two: I’ve always felt like the… Read more

My friend Ken Larsen took some pictures at the kirtan singing night we had while Brad and I were visiting in Boston. I sat at the front with my friend Lata. Her voice is incredible. I wish she would come out with a CD! In one picture you can see my dad and my husband. Brad is wearing the kurta I got him at Fab India. He loves it! Let’s not even talk about how desperately I need to buy… Read more

We are doing a scripture study together: reading along through some scriptures and discussing the passages. From the Winthrop Sargeant translation of The Gita… 47. Your right is to action alone; Never to its fruits at any time. Never should the fruits of action be your motive; Never let there be attachment to inaction in you. 48. Fixed in yoga, perform actions, Having abandoned attachment, Arjuna,, And having become indifferent to success or failure. It is said that evenness of mind… Read more

I’ve spoken before about how challenging meditation has been for me. Part of me wants to still my mind but the mind hates that! What a lot of meditation resources leave out is the fact that it is really hard work. Stilling the mind, ceasing thoughts for even a single moment, is enormously challenging. If you’re trying meditation you should know that it isn’t easy. But you should also know that there are things that could make it a little… Read more

My mother handed me one of her AARP magazines to read about Bob Dylan, but I kept reading finding lots of good articles. I stumbled across this one about prayer and it was very interesting. It was asking the question why people pray more often as they get older when being older means also experiencing many more times that prayers seem to go unanswered. Prayer is an interesting subject to me. I don’t relate to the type of prayer I… Read more

We are doing a scripture study together: reading along through some scriptures and discussing the passages. From the Winthrop Sargeant translation of The Gita… 42. The ignorant ones proclaim This flowery discourse, Arjuna, Delighting in the letter of the Veda And saying, “There is nothing else.” 43. Full of desires, intent on heaven, They offer rebirth as the fruit of action, And are addicted to many specific rites Aimed at the goal of enjoyment and power. 44. To those (the ignorant… Read more

Brad and I have come to Massachusetts to celebrate my mom’s birthday. After a family brunch, we went out to a kirtan singing that my mom put together with her friend Lata (I’m pretty certain that if you’re Indian and you live in MA, you know Lata). As we sat and sang, Lata’s gorgeous voice blending with her harmonium, it struck me how very lucky I am to have this family. So many non-Indian new Hindus that I speak to… Read more

I’ve been working at the grocery store for about a month now and it hasn’t been what I expected. Surprisingly, I actually really like it there. It’s getting me out of the house and also out of my own head, which is more of a blessing than I realized. I had no idea how deeply I’d been living in just rumination and mental exercise until I stepped out of it for a little bit each day and it was so… Read more

As I’ve said before, I know a lot of atheists and am very comfortable with most atheists. We have one really big thing in common: frustration at the way evangelical religions operate. So I enjoy atheist blogs because I can relate to that. It has always struck me as odd, though, that it seems like many atheists go from Christian to nothing and never consider any other possibilities! Once they stop believing in the Christian God it’s like there couldn’t… Read more

I was sent this delightful little book by the author in return for an honest review. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was totally inspired by him. At Ganapati’s Feet by David Dillard-Wright  It has the simple eloquence that cuts right through you just like so many of Hinduism’s great spiritual leaders. It reminds me a lot of reading Eswaran commentary.  The first part is the author’s story of how he became connected to Sri Ganesha along with… Read more

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