There are riots right now in the city that is closest to me: Baltimore. Yet another citizen was killed by police. This time very close to home for me. I want to be out there protesting. I want to show my support for this community that is so angry and hurting. I want them to know that they are not alone in that anger and outrage. Yet I’m a coward here at home several miles away. If Brad and I… Read more

Advaita Vedanta has a reputation for being very cerebral. It’s a path of study, thinking, debating, talking, and learning. In very general terms it seems that if you want the path of study, you become an Advaitan. If you want the path of devotion you become a Vaishnava. If you want action you become a Shivite. If you want mysticism you become a Shakti. But as I’ve said before, there is a balance of all these different elements and it’s… Read more

I’ve had this movie Vegucated on my Netflix queue for ages but I finally actually watched it earlier this week. I found it quite convincing. It is about not only vegetarianism but actually veganism, which means not eating or using any animal based products. That means avoiding meat and eggs, obviously, but also milk, yogurt, cream, cheese, etc.   (there’s also follow up video updates on Youtube) It struck me that in our modern world it doesn’t make sense to… Read more

We are doing a scripture study together: reading along through some scriptures and discussing the passages. From the Winthrop Sargeant translation of The Gita… 52. When your intellect crosses beyond The thicket of delusion, then you shall become disgusted With that which is yet to be heard And with that which has been heard (in the Veda). 53. When your intellect stands fixed in deep meditation, unmoving, disregarding Vedic doctrine, then you shall attain Self-realization. 54. Arjuna spoke: How does one… Read more

As I interact with so many more people every day now, I started to wonder if there are people who go through an entire lifetime without experiencing the serene awe of the universe. I don’t mean to cast judgements and I can’t know people’s life experience from seeing them in a grocery store check out line, but it really seems like some people have a very narrow and dark perspective. Even when I’m mired in the mundane details of life or… Read more

You guys, today I turned 33. I can hardly believe it! I still remember being ten years old and thinking thirty was several lifetimes away. I don’t quite know what to think about this birthday. Perhaps there’s no reason to think anything at all. It’s just another day to me, really. My life is going quite well. I am happy most of the time. I have the best husband ever, I have a house that I can really settle into and… Read more

It never occurred to me to ask this question. As soon as I found that some cultures eat with their fingers instead of utensils I was thrilled and immediately stopped using utensils as much as possible! I’ve always loved eating with my hands for two reasons… One: Whatever the material of utensils, they interfere with the taste of the food. It adds metallic or plastic or wood taste to your food. I hate that! Two: I’ve always felt like the… Read more

My friend Ken Larsen took some pictures at the kirtan singing night we had while Brad and I were visiting in Boston. I sat at the front with my friend Lata. Her voice is incredible. I wish she would come out with a CD! In one picture you can see my dad and my husband. Brad is wearing the kurta I got him at Fab India. He loves it! Let’s not even talk about how desperately I need to buy… Read more

We are doing a scripture study together: reading along through some scriptures and discussing the passages. From the Winthrop Sargeant translation of The Gita… 47. Your right is to action alone; Never to its fruits at any time. Never should the fruits of action be your motive; Never let there be attachment to inaction in you. 48. Fixed in yoga, perform actions, Having abandoned attachment, Arjuna,, And having become indifferent to success or failure. It is said that evenness of mind… Read more

I’ve spoken before about how challenging meditation has been for me. Part of me wants to still my mind but the mind hates that! What a lot of meditation resources leave out is the fact that it is really hard work. Stilling the mind, ceasing thoughts for even a single moment, is enormously challenging. If you’re trying meditation you should know that it isn’t easy. But you should also know that there are things that could make it a little… Read more

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