These Might Be The Best Catholic Satire Posts Ever!

These Might Be The Best Catholic Satire Posts Ever! July 6, 2015

I love me some satire and parody. And it looks like Creative Minority Report is returning to their humorous roots with an ongoing interview with “gone Galt” blogger Ann Barnhardt.

Check out a couple of these quotes – they’re crazy good.

“I’ll tell you right now what the real question is, and when this question starts being asked publicly, then I will sit up and pay attention, and dare to hope again: The question is whether or not, after arrest, a speedy trial and conviction of crimes against humanity, Hillary Clinton should be offered the sacraments and then hung, or put against a wall and shot. The answer, of course, is that she should be put against a wall and shot, and then her body should be hung on public display so that any other aspiring psychopath oligarchs can see how a just, Christian society deals with their ilk.”

“Any state secessions will be instantly crushed. The (former) US military “can’t” fight a few dozen inbred musloid retards to anything better than a draw…”

Granted, these are only two excerpts from (at the present moment) three separate posts, but hoo boy! This is awesome satire!

Because a Catholic blog would never use language like “inbred musloid retards” in all seriousness, right? Or support public execution, right? So it’s gotta be satire.


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