Best of the Blog – 2006

Best of the Blog – 2006 December 19, 2013

Earlier this year I took a journey down memory lane. This was because believe it or not I have now been blogging for more than ten years. I thought that it might be fun to complete the journey. So far I have posted my personal blogging highlights from the years 20072008200920102011, and 2012.  Today, we go back into what is in Internet years an aeon ago, the year 2006.

My blogging year began with a couple of interviews, with Justin Taylor and Mark Dever. Then in February I embarked on a mammoth series of blog posts on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, that in some ways was my “coming out” online as a charismatic.  Some people before then had assumed that I was just a reformed guy, rather than also a charismatic. I was blogging about gifts on and off for the rest of the year, which included a mini debate with one of the Pyromaniacs, who is a cessationist.  In that discussion, I naively explained why I believe it’s worthwhile to talk about these issues.

In March I found out for the first time about Mark Driscoll, who back then was not as well known as he is today.  Although my various blog moves have lost them, there were only two comments on my post! Then in April I interviewed him, and still only got six comments!  At the end of that post are links to a bunch of others that I wrote about him as the year progressed.

In June I preached a series of two sermons on Romans 8: Free because of Jesus and Secure and assured because of the Holy Spirit.

As the year progressed, I also interviewed Al Mohler, and also had an extensive interview with Wayne Grudem.   That interview is still well worth a read today, especially in light of Strange Fire.

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