Tuesday with Mankey: Raise the Horns Radio

Tuesday with Mankey: Raise the Horns Radio November 12, 2014

Last night, Jason Mankey and his co-host Kim Martin Bannerman were gracious enough to invite me to chat with them on the Raise the Horns Radio show, hosted by the Pagans Tonight radio Network.  We talked about raising children in a multi-faith household, Mormonism, Humanistic Paganism, Neo-Paganism (just what’s up with the Neo- prefix anyway?), Robert Graves (for the history buffs out there), and why I hate the name Mabon for the fall equinox!  You can listen to the recording of last night’s show below [the Raise the Horns show starts at the half-way mark] or click here, or check out any of the other great shows Jason has done, with guests like Niki Whiting, John Beckett, Lupa Greenwolf, Jenya Turner Beachy, Tom Swiss and more!

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