Studying Religion Can Make you Incredibly Rich

Studying Religion Can Make you Incredibly Rich September 1, 2012

In what can probably be filed under “most bizarre stories ever” an article I came across today claimed that I, yes I, had a real shot at being one of the 1%.

The article is in the USNews and World Reports’s special “university directory” claims that Religoius Studies ranks 5th in degrees that land people in the 1%. Number one, not surprisingly, is Economics, with over 8% of their graduates getting into the 1%. Then comes Political Science with 6.2%. Most surpising on the list, perhaps, is Art History, which ranks 3rd with almost 6% winding up in the exhaulted 1%.

Next is Finance at 4.8%.

And 5th is Religious Studies. Apparently 4.3% of us will reach the top:

5) Religious studies. Another surprising major to see in this list is religious studies; 4.3% of those who earn undergraduate degrees in this field become top earners.* Earning a religious studies degree can give you an objective and thorough understanding of the world’s religions. In addition to studying specific faiths, students also gain knowledge about the nature of religion in general and its role in the life of individuals and societies. A BA in Religious Studies or equivalent degree is the starting point of professional practice in this field.

Pharmacy and Accounting round out the top 7. The article concludes:

It is important to note that the median salary of these fields, though higher than what you would earn at most jobs, will not place you in the top 1% of earners. Professionals who achieve such status generally spend decades gaining expertise and achieving recognition before their income rises to that level. Still, the statistics plainly show that it is possible to become a top earner with any of these degrees.

* U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 American Community Survey

Of course I find this very dubious, but if anyone wants to dig up the Census numbers and check, I’d appreciate it. My theory for now is that studying religion makes you very attractive to unscrupulous but rich members of the opposite gender. Wealthy Religious Studies majors don’t earn their wealth, they marry into it.

And that was my plan too, until I started dating another Religious Studies major.


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