American Pastors that Masquerade as Angels of Light…

American Pastors that Masquerade as Angels of Light… January 26, 2018

Satan, Himself, Masquerades as an Evangelical Pastor…


Instead of inviting people to the table, we’re building walls to keep them out; we’re creating inner circle’s that do nothing but assuage our own ego’s; instead of healing the sick, we’re stripping them of their health care; we’re inflicting mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety through exile, ostricization and intentional isolation of large groups of society.

Evangelicalism is at the forefront of division; all the while, the American pastor is seemingly the antithesis to those actually in need of a savior.

Again, what if the American pastor was just masquerading as an angel of light?

They offer up a Jesus who forgives the sins of the oppressor over confronting economic, racial, and/or societal injustices.

Try saying this to your white evangelical pastor and you’ll see Satan himself come out from behind his disguise…

Sure, 81% of evangelicals supposedly voted for Trump but…

When I hear this statistic, of course, there is an underlying immediate feeling of disgust; but, it’s coming from two areas:

1. The number isn’t all the way true. It’s partially meant to create some type of visceral engagement…

First, even ironically one of the foremost well-known evangelical’s today, Tim Keller, even goes so far as acknowledging that even in his congregation (which is evangelical) “If they heard the word “evangelical” around their congregation, and name we seldom used, they usually asked what it meant…[1]”

2. The statistic is political.

In other words, with the above statements given, evangelicals don’t even identify as evangelical. And, if this is the case then, the pollsters are inaccurate as Keller himself says “But political pollsters have also helped, as they have sought to highlight a crucial voting bloc. When they survey people, there is no discussion of any theological beliefs or other criteria. The great majority of them simply ask people, ‘Would you describe yourself as a born-again or evangelical Christian [1]?’”

You see the problem. It begs the question: Do those who are not identifying as evangelical even know or fully understand how these pollsters are defining it? And, if they did, would they still remain true to this, otherwise, very amorphous label that has become synonymous with the term bigot in today’s politically charged US context..?

(Side note: I honestly think that you will get a better more true survey if you just surveyed everybody that consistently attended churches that were 1,000+ people or more [on a weekly basis] and I guarantee it would NOT be 81%).

Saying you’re not an evangelical does not mean you’re not an evangelical (that was a lot of negatives, either way)…

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