Keep Going

Keep Going November 26, 2013

To follow Jesus is to commit to everything and anything that goes against “being careful”. 

I’m gonna say this, because it won’t be said to you very often…

… at times in which you feel crazy, at times in which you’re called insane, at times in which you’re losing friends, family, jobs, or whatever else because you’re doing everything and anything that goes against being careful, I want you to keep going. 

Just as you hit that point in which you feel like you’ve gone too far, and you can’t go any further, and every single “wise counsel” in your life is telling you to “be careful” I want you to keep going. 

At no point did Jesus say things would be smooth, comfortable, or easy. In fact Jesus promised the exact opposite of that. People will try to calm you down, to temper you, domesticate you, to do everything in their power to convince you to be just like them. They’lll commend you for…

Doing your morning devo.

Going to church on Sunday.

Volunteering as a small group leader.

Memorizing scripture.

Which are all great, but they are far from the totality in which portrays the life of Christ.

It’s us doing everything and anything but acting like Jesus. As soon as you implement these scriptures into your daily life, and take them seriously, I guarantee you shit will hit the fanIt’s fine to mention diversity. It’s good to talk about serving the poor. It’s not bad to discuss equality. In fact, it’s great to acknowledge the Holy Spirit, but when we challenge the system and push for diversity, insist on serving the poor, strive after equality, and embrace the power given to us through the Holy Spirit… shit will hit the fan.  

I think the author of 1 Peter says it a lot more gracefully…


It’s not you that’s crazy for living like Christ, it’s them that are crazy for rejecting the life of Christ, not by their words but by their actions (or lack thereof).

People will call you angry, hateful, full of disdain, crazy, insane, and emotionally blinded. You will receive ridiculous threats and told that “God disagrees with everything you have to say or do”.

I’m lead to say if you’re not being called these things, if you’re not being attacked, if people are not beginning to hate you… you’re doing somethings wrong.

Let me be clear though – this is not about chasing craziness, or chasing suffering, this is about chasing JESUS! I am simply acknowledging that if you chase Jesus and desire to know Him fully, it’s not only sharing in the power of his resurrection but it is also sharing His sufferings and becoming like Him in His death (Philippians 3:9-11).

So may you do everything and anything but calm down. Instead may you keep going. 

[This is hard, would love to know how I can be praying for you guys, leave a note below]

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  • Anonymous

    But if we can’t trust the Bible (see your previous post) then what difference does it make what 1 Peter or Philippians says?

  • Great question! – in the comments I specified that I believe that we can trust the bible, and that I actually have a “high view” of the bible. The purpose in that post was not to deter people from the text (bible) but with hope that it would cause readers to dive deeper into why they believe so deeply in the text. As I feel many times, it’s dangerous to dedicate one’s life to something in which we know very little about (from very important [and at times opposing] ends of the spectrum). Thanks for the comment! – I’m not a fan of “anonymous” comments, but would love it if next time you didn’t choose anonymity :)

  • Deleted your newly added comment – but will keep this one. But once again, if you wanna talk via email, gchat, phone whatever I always make myself just let me know! I’m available to readers to further discussion when time allows, and I always will make time, so feel free to shoot me an email. (

  • Nichola

    Must admit, I was distracted by the ‘stuff’ hitting the fan comment. But I kept going, and I agree that we do conform to a religious pattern in this world. Life seems easier when you blend in, right. However, Caleb and Joshua reaped the benefits of deciding to, wholeheartedly and fearlessly, believe God at his word. The more you follow Jesus the more you live off the grid, in a sense. And yes, stand out form the norms of society. We’re so comfortable following a pre-written religious script that includes the things you mentioned. But the Holy Spirit will ask you to do radically things that makes no sense to anyone, self included. But, it’s only our faith that gives us the courage to breakthrough our fears and be obedient to His call on our lives. Please pray for God to give me wisdom, discernment and faith to keep going. Be Blessed.