Welcome New Anxious Bench Bloggers, Agnes and Tal Howard

Welcome New Anxious Bench Bloggers, Agnes and Tal Howard September 2, 2012

A very warm welcome to the newest additions to our Anxious Bench roster of bloggers, Agnes Howard and Tal Howard of Gordon College! They’ll begin posting soon. Here are their bios:

Agnes R. Howard teaches history at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, specializing in early America, particularly colonial New England.  She holds a PhD from the University of Virginia. She has spent time in Washington, DC, working in the office of Vice President Dan Quayle and for the journal, The Public Interest.  The birth of three children brought her attention to the history and culture of childbearing; the attainment of teen years by the eldest of the three has stretched those interests to other elements of the cultural landscape.  Her articles have appeared in CommonwealFirst Things, The Weekly StandardBooks & CultureThe Cresset, and other publications.

A sample article from Agnes Howard: “None Too Small,” The Cresset, reviews Marilynne Robinson’s  When I Was a Child I Read Books.

Thomas Albert (Tal) Howard currently holds the Stephen Phillips Chair of History at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, where he is also the director of the Center for Christian Studies and the founding director of the Jerusalem & Athens Forum, a great books honors program.  He is the author of several books, including Religion and the Rise of Historicism (Cambridge, 2000); Protestant Theology and the Making of the Modern German University (Oxford, 2006), winner of the Lilly Fellows Program Book Annual Award, 2007; and God and the Atlantic: America, Europe, and the Religious Divide (Oxford, 2011), winner of a Christianity Today Book of the Year Award.

Tal Howard, “The Dialectic and the Double Helix,” from First Things, 2011.

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  • Bob Wiley

    Winning teams usually have a strong bench. The Anxious Bench team is getting stronger and stronger.

  • thanks Bob, we appreciate that!