This One Action Can Create a Competent and Confident Dad (Part 2)

This One Action Can Create a Competent and Confident Dad (Part 2) January 31, 2023

Be sure to see Part 1 of this blog. Pass it along to a man you want to encourage – especially a new father!

So now you know the encouraging truth – revealed by a recent study – that the brain of a new father can physically change to increase his competence and confidence at being the dad he wants to be. (And the changes don’t have to be limited to the early years; see Part 1 for more.)

How can a new father unlock this great change? As noted, the central finding appears to be regular, hands-on, early involvement with the baby. But what does that look like?

The new study was the first of its kind and more research is needed to unpack all the practicalities. But we can get started with three good steps ­– two for dads and one for moms – that will help men jump into their fathering role with confidence.

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